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Digital Solutions Agency Mostly Serious Expands Capacity

Molly Riddle-Nunn, Director of Content Strategy

Posted on February 22, 2016

The custom digital design and interactive solutions agency Mostly Serious today announced it has added two developers to its steadily growing team. The additions were necessary, according to Mostly Serious President & Head of Design Jarad Johnson, to accommodate the company’s project volume in 2016 and because the two new hires’ skill sets will directly benefit Mostly Serious clients.

To continue producing the award-winning interactive design and development work Mostly Serious delivers, choosing the right candidate is always essential, according to Johnson. After considering numerous qualified applicants, Mostly Serious was thrilled to select Aimee Hendrycks and Mat Scott for its development team. “Rather than expanding for the sake of getting bigger,” said Johnson, “we’ve always been committed to carefully planned, intelligent growth. Just a few weeks after joining us, our two newest devs are already proving that hiring them was the right decision.”

Joining a Thriving Digital Solutions Shop

An experienced digital solutions agency, Mostly Serious creates completely custom websites and software applications ranging from extensive ecommerce systems to smaller marketing sites. Fittingly, Hendrycks and Scott joined the agency just as it began fine tuning feature additions to the ecommerce website Mostly Serious is perhaps best known for—the Give Ozarks Day fundraising platform, which the Community Foundation of the Ozarks (CFO) used to raise over one million dollars for nonprofit organizations in a single 24-hour period last May.

“Offering Scott and, shortly thereafter, Hendrycks the open positions was “a rather easy decision each time, because they are well qualified to ensure websites like Give Ozarks meet our responsive web design service standards,” said Mostly Serious Head of Development Maranda Reynolds. She continued, “Mat and Aimee are both joining us as junior developers, yet their passion for building complex systems is as obvious as their respective abilities to solve the problems that programming poses on a daily basis. It’s already clear they’re going to become ever-more-valuable assets for our clients, and it’s my job, along with the rest of our team, to help them flourish.”

Avoiding the Boys’ Club Office Culture

By hiring new developers from each sex, Mostly Serious has maintained an all-too-rare dynamic in the tech world: Its development department has an equal number of women and men. While the company’s management did not specifically set out to establish a one-to-one ratio of men and women on its development team, they recognize the benefits. “The idea that women developers are these elusive ‘unicorns’ who don’t apply for jobs is simply inaccurate in many cases,” said Johnson. “One or two women apply each time we announce an opening. We don’t consider each applicant with the goal of correcting the industry’s archaic monoculture; the immediate goal is to ensure Mostly Serious is finding and hiring the most talented people available. The fact that an equal number of men and women have earned spots on our team is a bonus—one that has proven to make our office culture something other companies would be wise to model.”

Reynolds is a founding board member of The Geek Foundation, an organization that strives to bridge the diversity gap by ensuring programming courses are accessible to kids and adults of all genders, races and socioeconomic classes. Through that organization and other efforts in her personal time, Reynolds advocates for women in tech, particularly younger women. Asked how that focus impacts Mostly Serious, Maranda noted that “half of the users of technology are women, so by having a more diverse team, we're better equipped to design and develop software that speaks to all users."

For more information about Mostly Serious or its interactive design and development services, visit or contact Jarad Johnson at jarad(at)mostlyserious(dot)io.

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