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Let's Be Friends: Marketing & Technology

Jarad Johnson, President

Posted on March 08, 2018

The Intersection of Marketing & Technology

Mostly Serious regularly exists at the intersection of marketing and technology, where we work to meet the goals of two internal teams that don't always love each other. Through our experience, we've had the opportunity to see the value provided by both sides and, more importantly, how collaboration between departments leads to better results. We've also seen how these two sides tend to see each other, and it goes something like this:

How professionals in marketing and IT see each other.

There are two things that stand out as truths in this image: First, designers see themselves and everyone else accurately (as a designer, I know this to be true). Second, we need help understanding why each person in this process is important (including strategists, who are so misunderstood they aren't even listed).

How do we close the gap in understanding key people's roles without implementing a mandatory weekly compliment circle? Well, I think we can help by highlighting the importance of our company's role in these sometimes rival departments and how we've helped each side find success for the other.

"Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy, both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me."

Michael Scott
Michael Scott

The Marketing Side

You probably see marketers as Don Draper, a beautiful man showing up late and leaving to "watch a movie" for a few hours on a Thursday afternoon. When he finally gets to work, he draws pretty pictures and tells lies to sell products and services.

While every marketing professional is in fact beautiful, little else is accurate. Great marketers avoid smoke screens in favor of a fundamental understanding of a company's true values. We often tell our clients that we can't make their company or product something it isn't, but we can provide radical clarity around their mission and highlight the features and benefits of their products or services.

All marketing professionals are beautiful, but not all are bad people.

Building a brand strategy from the core values of a business allows marketers to create effective orbits that mean something to their audience. Just as Patagonia has created a tribe of loyal fans from outwardly embodying their values—encouraging customers not to buy their products—the same can be done for any brand with a great team to help shape, communicate, and promote those values. The team best equipped to digest and deliver that message often live in the marketing department.

Beyond articulating a company's mission and vision to the outside world, marketers can be extremely valuable in creating messaging that aligns internal teams. Does your team truly understand the core values your company represents and the unified message that is expressed both inside your walls and to your prospective customers? If so, your marketing team likely had a major role in that accomplishment. If not, call us.

The Technical Side

You probably see techies as Richard Hendrycks, a brilliantly awkward nerd pivoting from one big idea to the next while deadlines and deliverables pass over his head. When he finally gets to the real work, he pushes some buttons real quick before returning to his video games.

While every technical professional is in fact brilliant, little else is accurate. Great tech professionals ensure organizational and marketing strategies are executed safely, securely, and with considerations of future requirements. They maintain the foundation of your services, products, and infrastructure to ensure the messaging marketers deliver is supported by real results.

All technical professionals are brilliant, but not all are unreliable.

Fully embracing a technical team's capabilities not only improves products and experiences for your audience, but ensures internal marketing teams have effective tools to drive results. From understanding how to set up that confusing Facebook Pixel to building complex integrations between marketing platforms, great technical professionals are a key partner in achieving success in a world where the lines between marketing and technology have nearly evaporated.

Integrated Teams

By bringing Don and Richard together, we are able to achieve beautiful brilliance that translates a clear brand strategy into valuable products. Marketing and technology rely on each other in ways that are often overlooked, which presents both a challenge and an opportunity.

Companies and individuals who embrace collaboration and alignment across these two departments will reap the rewards of a blended approach.

Want to learn more about how we bridge the gap between marketing and technology? Read more about our modular process, See how we've helped our clients, or contact us. We'd love to talk.

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