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Why We Added Video & Motion Services

Posted on July 31, 2019

Introducing Video & Motion at Mostly Serious

In early 2019 we invested in bringing video production and motion design into Mostly Serious as a service offering and capability. Adding this service will give us more opportunities to create better work while increasing the value we provide our clients.

Before diving into the specifics of why we added video production and motion design to our services, let's take a look at our past to understand how we've evolved at Mostly Serious.

As individuals, a team, and a company, we're always in search of improvement and refinement. We strive to identify the next area we can level up. Over the past nine years, our pursuit of intentional evolution has led us to better serve our clients. In turn, it's resulted in our clients sticking around for quite a while.

How We Grow With Our Clients

Since day one, we have told our clients that we intend to grow with them. We do great work and we expect our clients to pay us more to do more great work. (That's the beautiful cycle of business-to-business transactions.)

HOLLOWAY AMERICA was our first client in 2010. The HOLLOWAY team came to us with a request to design a beautiful new website that stood atop their industry. We have remained in a monthly relationship ever since, providing our full range of services to help them meet their business objectives.

We first partnered with The Community Foundation of the Ozarks in 2012 to design and develop a custom community giving platform, Cause Momentum. We then expanded the platform for Give Ozarks, a one-day giving event that raised over $3,000,000 for area nonprofits. Most recently, we conducted a large scale research project (a service we launched in 2017) for the organization.

CoxHealth first engaged us in 2013 to overhaul the health system’s website for the first time in a decade. We have since worked to improve the website as part of an ongoing retainer while building custom applications along the way with various CoxHealth departments and divisions.

We are proud to say that over 80% of our new projects transform into long-term partnerships. We achieve this by providing consistent value that improves over time. That idea is ingrained in our culture because we do not hold a single client to a contractual agreement beyond the work we have already completed. Every one of our clients can walk away at any time for any reason.

It’s our task to prove our value and evolve to meet our clients' needs.

This image shows Mostly Serious's high quality video stills at work.

Getting Back to Video & Motion

So, what does video have to do with any of this? Quite a lot.

We started Mostly Serious with a core commitment to craft effective, creative websites for our clients. After the first year, we expanded our capabilities to include custom web and application development, tailored to our client’s needs. A few years after that, we began to add digital marketing services, which evolved into more traditional marketing strategy and planning. Then, in 2017, we added robust research and strategy services that now informs and directs every new client relationship. (When we say strategy, we mean it.)

That’s it. That's a summary of every service expansion in our history. It’s not that we haven’t considered others, but in this area, we’re selective in how we expand. While we have experienced people on our team who could, we’re not coding the next big VR app. That’s not who we are, and we’re quick to move on from those opportunities.

Video and motion, though—that’s a service ingrained in who we are.

Video & Motion at Mostly Serious

We didn’t add video just to shoot a few commercials. We added video and motion to enhance every project and client relationship. At Mostly Serious, video and motion impacts every aspect of our projects, from marketing strategies to web design.

By fully integrating video into our projects and client relationships, we have identified five benefits we are able to pass along to our clients.

1. Goal Oriented & Strategy Driven

Before we ever propose a solution to our clients, we first work to understand the goals they want to meet. Then, and only then, we can provide a strategy that will assist our clients in meeting those goals.

Like any other service, video has to begin with the same goal-oriented approach. A new commercial that doesn’t reach your target audience serves no purpose. It is vital that the video projects we take on are fully immersed in the strategy we craft to meet our client’s goals.

2. Faster, More Efficient Projects

There are a few benefits we believe our clients will demand ten years from now just as they do today. Speed is one of those benefits. We continually refine our process to be faster while providing the same level of quality and value.

Bringing video to Mostly Serious as a core capability allows us to move faster, both in early strategy and planning as well as execution. The result is less time spent aligning people and teams and more time creating video and motion assets that can be used in our clients' projects.

3. Shaped to Fit Budgets

We are rarely the cheapest option to our clients—but our goal is not to provide the lowest cost estimate. Our goal is to provide the most value for the investment our clients are going to make.

For years, video was regularly removed from our client’s budgets due to the value our team, and our clients, believed we could provide through other strategies and tactics. That isn’t to say we didn’t believe in the value of video. But when faced with a firm budget and specific goal requirements, we were forced to make difficult decisions.

With video production in-house, we can shape video and motion to fit the specific needs of our clients, ensuring the end product maximizes value.

4. Expertise to Make Better Recommendations

We gauge our expertise at Mostly Serious not by how complex of a solution we can build, but how simple of a solution we can uncover. When faced with a development need, our engineers are comfortable recommending an off-the-shelf service that meets a client’s needs over a complex solution we could build in house.

By bringing video production and motion design to our team, we are more qualified to uncover and propose simple solutions for our clients. That often means a streamlined approach is the answer. But this expertise also allows us to know when to scale up to meet complex needs when the value to our clients is evident.

5. Improved Value for Our Clients

All of these benefits combine to meet the most important standard for how we expand our services at Mostly Serious: are we improving the value we provide our clients? We have to find better ways to meet our client’s goals while delivering higher quality services. We believe we’ve added a hugely valuable service to our clients and we’re excited to continue crafting beautiful videos, motion, and animation projects.

Are you interested in working with Mostly Serious to define your company’s goals and build a strategy to meet them? We'd love to discuss your needs and tell you how we can help.

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