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Maranda Provance, Director of Engineering

Posted on June 30, 2020

UPDATE: As of July 27, 2020 this listing is no longer active. Please see our Careers page for current job openings.

Welcome to this job description! This could be the very first step of a new and exciting journey for you. (It could also be just another thing you’re casually reading while you daydream about changing jobs. Both are possible; we get it.)

Let’s say the first thing is true. You’re a web developer who can business-in-the-front-end, party-in-the-back-end with ease, and you’re looking for a new opportunity at a growing company in Springfield, Mo. (You could be virtually anywhere—we're open to remote applicants, too!)

You want to put your variety of skills to use for a wide variety of local, regional, and national clients, while also working at a place where you get to take an active role in continuous improvement.

Maybe you also like snacks. And flexibility. And you don’t mind the color orange. Sound like you? Let’s keep going.

Who are we?

That’s, like, a really existential question, but we’ll give it a shot. We’re Mostly Serious, a full-service digital agency producing award-winning, community-enhancing, national-brand-showcasing, best-in-the-region strategy, research, websites, and digital marketing campaigns.

At a more fundamental level, we’re a team of 12 critical thinkers who are obsessed with producing great work. Work that makes people feel differently about how beautiful and functional websites can be. Work that helps our clients serve their communities, tell their stories, and achieve their goals. And work that pushes us to challenge ourselves, refine our skills, and get better each and every day.

From left to right: We pet our dogs and other people's dogs. We create stuff that's on-point for brand audiences and good for your soul. We stroll along Greenway Trail when the weather's nice. We collaborate together, challenge each other, and embrace honest conversations that lead to the right solution. We keep a supply of confetti and balloons on hand. We dress our office up for fun and we dress ourselves up to match.

Plus, we reject ideas and standards that don't call back to our six core values and guiding principles.

What will you do as a web developer at Mostly Serious?

You’ll collaborate with our designers, writers, account managers, and clients to define objectives, set goals, and turn ideas into living, breathing websites and apps backed by a CMS. (We’ve got a thing for Craft CMS, and we’re a Craft CMS Verified Partner.)

You’ll test your own work because the quality of the end product depends on you!

You’ll always be looking for ways to improve—in both your technical prowess and the whole company's ability to produce quality work.

How do you know this job is right for you?

You'll feel kismet-level alignment with this job if any of the following apply to you:

  • You can build a site from front-to-back as the sole developer. The engineering team has your back to bounce ideas off of, but most projects are yours to foster.
  • You've built and maintained user interfaces based on research and rationale, with a quality that people can feel.
  • You’re capable of interacting with new technologies quickly and efficiently, and you’re willing to use the right technology to find the right solution.
  • You understand that the things you build need to solve our clients’ problems while also balancing our business needs (e.g. being efficient, on-time, and within budget).
  • You love to figure out what’s not working and find ways to make it better next time.
  • You're comfortable joining a highly collaborative team that (for the time being) is working from home.
  • Bonus: You’re a CMS aficionado who can pair an organized back-end with eye-catching HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

What about the logistical stuff? (We're talkin' benefits + perks.)

We pride ourselves on providing our team members with the region’s best working environment, and we spend an actual ton of time and resources continuing to develop our benefits packages and office space. The benefits of working at Mostly Serious include:

  • The tech you need to make great things happen, including a MacBook Pro, keyboard, mouse, and monitors
  • Health insurance
  • A Simple IRA
  • Performance bonuses
  • An anniversary awards program
  • Participation in goal-based employee bonus pool
  • A (truly) flexible time-off and vacation policy
  • Working in a beautiful, Galloway Village-based office right next to the Greenway Trail and minutes from Sequiota Park
  • A dog-friendly office

Ready to apply? Great! We just need a couple of things from you.

Send these application materials to

  • A PDF resumé with cover letter
  • Relevant work samples from the last few years on GitHub and/or in a digital portfolio link

We can't wait to get acquainted!

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