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Websites that rival the beauty of your print publication

We're Mostly Serious, a digital agency based in the Midwest. In 2017, we set out to build an intuitively connected, simple-to-use, stunningly designed website and CMS platform specifically for publishers like you.

What sets us apart? Our approach to crafting each and every website suite for our publishing partners orbits around exhaustive audience research. Knowing your audience intimately—and confirming or challenging your assumption about them—gives an added layer of context and meaning to every revenue-driving touchpoint, every feature module, and every modern design element we build. It's something out-of-the-box publishing solutions can't offer and it's why you're not satisfied with them.

You invest in your readers in every other way. Tailoring your digital publications to their needs and expectation shouldn't be any different.

  • Fully custom, responsive, modular design
  • Accommodates multiple publications
  • SEO and social sharing compatibility
  • Easy-to-use CMS
  • Customizable microsites
  • Enhanced ad options
Editorial Content
Advertising Options
Photo Galleries
Calendar & Events
Sibling Publications
Business Directories

More Control Over Your Digital Publishing

Robust Article Builders

An intuitive, modular article builder gives your team the flexibility to publish stories quickly and easilly, with more options than they’ve ever had to make digital articles as impressive as print features. Utilize modules like full-width hero images, gallery sliders, on-page video, pull-quotes, article jumppoints, callouts, multi-column sections and more to build any page of your site.

Related Content Modules

Your readers love you because your publications make real-life connections between the people, places, and events that make up your local community. Our platform strives to create the same unity with modules that pull related events, issues, articles, and links that keep your users diving deeper into your content.

Automated Content Transfer

We’ve made switching publishing platforms as easy as possible. When you utilize our automated content transfer, you can port
years’ worth of pre-styled content into your new CMS. Use your new modern styling options to rebuild popular articles, or use our
automatic legacy styling to apply new fonts, colors and placement to expedite your initial content population.

Faceted Search Options

Our search functionality gives readers more of what they’re looking for, and utliizes smart ordering to present the most relevant
information first. Give your readers the option to search by stories, issues, galleries, events, recipes and more and let them decide how their search results are presented.

Enhanced Social Sharing

With our enhanced social sharing options, you can better engage your audience on popular social media platforms, and give your readers and advertisers the ability to share more of what they want. Share a whole featured story, or just a section—without having to create multiple child pages for editorial lists and features.

People Pleasers

We know your audience, and we’ve curated a feature list that will resonate with them. Search names in people or party galleries,
curate feeds of your greatest hits, and highlight your most popular reader resources that will keep them coming back to your site again and again.

A platform that finally supports your advertisers

You’ve cultivated a reader base your advertisers love. Give them more ways to connect. Native ads, gallery ads, and sponsored ad content fold seamlessly into your editorials and photos and give your advertisers ways to contribute to your organic content. Category specific takeovers, placements within relevant articles, and strategically placed popups, expandable ads, and sticky ads give your advertisers opportunities to reach more targeted segments of your reader base. Striking, full-width native ad landing pages help your biggest advertisers deliver their next big message to your readers.

Gather more impressions. Grow more revenue. Get more out of the effortless balance of great editorial with great advertising.

  • Targeted sponsored content and ad placements
  • Ad spots look as great as your editorial content
  • Integrations with your existing advertising platforms
  • New ad positions give advertisers more placements
  • Customizable microsites
  • Custom coding for your specific ad needs
Native Advertising

Get more engagement with native-style advertisements rich in a reader-friendly advertorial style, placed strategically into your editorial story feeds.

Landing Pages

Give advertisers more value by showcasing native advertorial content with customizable, full-width landing pages that deliver their messaging in a modern and robust way.

Business Directories

Curate visually stunning local business directories with filterable results that display promoted businesses by category and develop photo-rich landing pages for featured businesses.

Photo Gallery Ads

Get more impressions from your readers’ favorite content areas with advertiser placement and sponsorship in high-traffic people or party photo galleries.

Sponsored Content

Let your advertisers sponsor or take over highly targeted locations such as articles, events, calendars, and even microsites.

Comprehensive Ad Placements

Make more targeted impressions with content takeover ads by category, pop-up gateway ads, sticky ads, expandable ads, and more—located all throughout the site to garner as many views as possible.

Advertiser Related Articles

Business directory listings automatically pull in articles about each business—and every editorial article can be tagged with featured businesses.

Integrations & Partnerships

We integrate with DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP), MailChimp, and other advertising software platforms so your ad buying processes stay seamless.

Mostly Serious was crucial in helping us understand our digital audience and what they want from us.

Logan Aguirre
Logan Aguirre , 417 Magazine

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Ground Work

  • Custom digital audience research
  • In-depth needs analysis and reporting
  • On-site or remote collaboration with your internal teams

Custom Solutions

  • Thoughtful user experience design for your specific audience and publication needs
  • Customized visual design that reflects your print publication or publishing brand
  • Theme variations for sibling publications, microsites, and custom landing pages
  • Custom feature development to meet your individual needs

Ongoing Support

  • Site maintenance and technical support
  • SEO strategy and optmization
  • Phased approach for additional features

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