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Greenway Development Group facilitates resources for living, working, growing communities.


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$50 million

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Greenway's efficient mixed use developments provide cities with what they need to grow and thrive.

In just five years, Greenway Development Group has left a mark on communities near and far by working with them to develop spaces that serve real needs. Like Greenway Studios, the first micro-efficiency studio apartment ever development in Springfield, Mo. Boomer Town Luxury Studios, a mixed-use development that sits a few steps from Missouri State University's front lawn. And The Highline Apartments, nestled in the Montana mountains and 100% pre-leased long before its completion.

Greenway Development Group is a key fixture in bringing developments like these to life. By listening to local leaders, entrusting work to experienced professionals, and facilitating every resource it takes to keep projects on schedule, Greenway has transformed $50 million in developments into smart, serene business and multi-family living spaces.

The Greenway Development Group site is polished and vibrant, just like the developments the company helps produce. Load-in transitions, a tidy navigation, and a suite of interactive modules pull visitors into every site corner.

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Planning and Positioning the Greenway Brand

Our initial strategic planning session with the Greenway Development Group team revealed that they needed a strong brand identity (including an official name, look and feel, and logo) to rally behind. As we developed that identity, a cohesive brand personality emerged: one that characterized Greenway as accommodating, empathetic, and genuine in its mission to facilitate successful developments for communities who need them.

Those descriptors weren't aspirational by any means—they were true to Greenway's organic approach and work to date. (For instance, a few years back, Greenway made local headlines by coordinating the moving of an 88-year-old church to a new location instead of having it knocked down. Now that's accommodation.)

With two dozen total characteristics in tow, we moved on to answering other critical questions like these:

  • What will people say about Greenway in ten years? (e.g. They listened to us then and they're still here now.)
  • What are the unique needs of each Greenway audience?
  • What calls to action and collateral make the most sense? For whom and in what space?

Hard-thinking collaborations helped that rallying brand identity evolve. In the end, we knew exactly who Greenway Development Group was. We detailed which audiences Greenway served, what mattered to those audiences, and what they needed to hear. And the team at Greenway Development Group embraced it all as a key to their brand's immediate and long-term future.

Award-Winning Collateral and a Website

Following our ground-laying brand work for Greenway Development Group, our team designed and wrote a brochure that showcased Greenway's story and mission of helping communities grow with multi-use developments. The four-page brochure balanced an approachable design and messaging with credibility-boosting project anecdotes and at-a-glance service offerings as well as the typical features offered in Greenway developments.

We carried the same design elements and messaging over into Greenway Development Group's website. (As well as other digital and print collateral pieces like email signatures and business cards.) But as a major supporting piece in Greenway's quest to meet and grow more communities, we expanded on touchpoints most likely to convince Greenway's audience to read more, reach out, and meet the Greenway team in person. The bulk of that focus fell on Greenway's project portfolio pages, each of which tell the development's story in renderings, photos, statistics, and testimonials from community stakeholders and residents alike.

Both the brochure and website for Greenway Development Group received awards at the 2020 American Advertising Awards - Heartland.

Ready for the Future

Our brand identity, collateral, and website work helped set Greenway Development Group up to outpace prior growth as well as build efficient developments that fulfill real needs for communities.

“Mostly Serious was the driving force behind the complete rebranding of my real estate development company. This team has a very organized approach and is extremely diligent in moving through the process. While very creative, it was this structured approach that made the difference. They were very intentional in keeping us on track. It was like building a building… I knew what was completed and how much I was spending until this new brand was upright."

— Brent Brown
— Brent Brown , Managing Partner of Greenway Development Group

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