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Project Shift is a recruitment initiative for a new generation of automotive technicians.


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There's a talent shortage crisis in the automotive industry.

Even though it's evolving at a rapid pace, the auto technician trade is plagued by perceptions that it doesn't pay well, that it's not exciting, or that it isn't rewarding because it doesn't require a traditional four-year college degree.

In reality, auto techs enjoy impressive career benefits. They get to work in a fast-paced, tech-first environment. Opportunities for advancement are plenty, and fast. And the average salaries are great—really great. It's a rewarding career choice on many different levels, yet recruiting new talent is tough.

Enter Project Shift, a recruitment initiative that seeks to fill a massive industry gap and attract generations of new auto tech talent. When the team behind Project Shift reached out for our support in launching their solution to the talent crisis, we jumped right in.

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Modern, vibrant, and fun to interact with, the Project Shift site was designed to appeal to younger generations of tech-savvy career seekers.

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Kindling Interest for Career Up-and-Comers

Junior and seniors in high school (and lately, even students still in middle school) are tasked with developing some kind of idea of what they want to do when they graduate. They have to wade through an avalanche of recruiter tables, pamphlets, college admissions forms, and advice from parents, mentors, teachers, and peers.

Plenty of these students see themselves thriving outside of a traditional four-year college. They like working with their hands and computers. They're problem-solvers and curious thinkers. And they're exactly the type of future auto techs Project Shift wants to recruit.

But there's a secondary audience at play for Project Shift, too—the parents and guardians of those students who play a pivotal role in guiding them toward a bright future.

The Plan and Approach

When we met the Project Shift team, they had a plan to address both of these audiences. They had done the legwork needed to understand that first and foremost, perceptions about a career as an auto technician were missing the mark. They also knew there was a wealth of opportunity in convincing younger generations that a job as an auto tech is rewarding and full of promise.

But getting in front of those career seekers and getting them to hear what the Project Shift team had to say required one hell of a creative approach. That's where we came in.

Concepting and Designing Project Shift

At the beginning of our partnership, Project Shift wasn't Project Shift just yet. In collaboration with the team behind the idea, our first task was to give the initiative its name. Out of seven name options, Project Shift stood out not only because of its literal reference to driving, but because it gave homage to the goal of shifting students' perspectives, and ultimately, their chosen career path.

Project Shift's punchy, color-block logo followed the name.

The Project Shift logo designed by Mostly Serious

Project Shift's timeline was lightning-fast, so we designed and built project Shift's custom Craft CMS site in tandem with the initiative's naming and logo development. The site's design reflected the features and general cool factor we knew young audiences would latch onto:

  • Oversized, layered typography
  • An abstract, ultra-stylized look and feel
  • A vibrant, playful, electric-feeling color palette
  • A full-screen experience
  • An unconventional layout
  • Smart, seamless motion and interaction
  • Less copy and more media that engages

Plus, we examined our site design's concept from every angle to make sure Project Shift's site users were encouraged to interact with critical content, follow program and training links, and submit contact information at critical conversion points.

A Video Campaign to Pull it All Together

During the website's development, we switched gears to conceptualize, script, and animate a campaign video—with shortened and extended versions—that was then used after the site launched to build audience awareness about the initiative on their favorite platforms, like YouTube.

Check out the video's full-length version:

The Results Are In: This Campaign Converts

Our analysis of the video ads' performance at the campaign's halfway mark showed impressive, higher-than-estimated performance. Approximately 845 video viewers navigated to the Project Shift website to learn more about becoming an automotive technician and 49 of those visitors took a hard conversion action.

It's not an exaggeration to note that in a matter of weeks, Project Shift connected hundreds of young career seekers with a possible new destiny—and dozens of them took a bigger leap then and there.

Recognition by the Best in the Biz

In 2020, the Project Shift site received both an Honors recognition and a Mobile Excellence Award by Awwwards.

An illustration showcasing Mostly Serious's awards recognition for the Project Shift website

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