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We want to change the way you think about how to solve problems creatively.

Asking "Why?" has made us all skilled problem solvers.

But asking "Why?" isn't such a novel idea—it's just an underutilized one. So many digital agencies out there approach a client's problems or goals, no matter how unique they are, with the same set of solutions. With the same process. With the same reliance on something simply working in the past. That way of thinking isn't good enough for us. In fact, it's only good enough for folks satisfied by trusting a hunch and nothing more.

Our determination to approach a client problem is an unquenchable thirst for answering the why above all else. Why does the problem exist? What has been tried before? What’s the rest of the industry doing? What is your audience saying? What do they need from you?

And finally, what services can we offer to complete the narrative all those questions build?

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We Start with Groundwork

At Mostly Serious, we understand that your business goals are targets to be hit, but we don’t just throw a bunch of darts and hope one sticks. Instead, we roll out some essential groundwork so we can gather all the facts, get familiar with literally every aspect of your problem to be solved, and map out a trajectory to move forward. 

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See How Groundwork Helped us Launch the New Mother's Brewing Co.

We worked closely with Mother's Brewing Co. in early 2017 to bring their updated brand identity to life. Before we got started, we made sure our understanding of the regional beer market and Mother's audience's needs was up to snuff.

We Craft Effective Solutions

Remember that target? After we've gathered the facts, we’re then able to apply a strategy that will deliver meaningful, measurable results. From websites to applications to digital marketing, we recommend a selection of our capabilities after determining the tactics that will best push your brand and business forward.

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See How Our Solutions Have Helped Grow CoxHealth

Our partnership with CoxHealth, one of the largest health care networks in the region, spans more than five years. In that time, we've implemented a variety of digital solutions based on their ever-changing, patient-focused goals.

We Keep ‘Em in Your Orbit

If your business goals and problems to be solved are a planet, our digital marketing services work together to create an orbit that draws your customers in to your planet’s atmosphere—and keeps them there. It’s a way of thinking that not only draws your ideal people to you, but hooks them in and earns their loyalty for the long run.

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See How Our Orbit Philosophy Has Helped HOLLOWAY AMERICA

For more than seven years, HOLLOWAY AMERICA has trusted us to apply the right solutions to their ever-evolving business goals and needs. That's why, over time, we've been able to craft one of our finest digital marketing orbits yet for the leading pressure vessel fabrication company.

Some of the Things We Craft

Mostly Serious is a full service digital agency with online marketing and website design and development chops.


From custom ecommerce development to conversion-gathering marketing websites, we craft beautiful sites that meet users’ demand for an excellent experience in any browsing environment.

Mostly Serious specializes in app design and development, custom ecommerce development, and more.


Whether a mobile app or web app is the endgame, our expertise in app design and development allows us to build sophisticated internal- and customer-facing solutions.

Mostly Serious offers comprehensive online marketing and advertising services that get you noticed.

Online Marketing

By harnessing the powers of Facebook, Google AdWords, and other platforms—and utilizing the most trend-forward digital marketing strategies available to us—we produce and execute outstanding creative campaigns that attract and retain customers.

Mostly Serious’ award-winning website design and development projects begin with an intensive research phase.


The cornerstone of our approach to all our projects is the gathering of quantitative and qualitative data, market research, and other information that informs and drives our tactical decisions.

Mostly Serious specializes in brand identity and other elements that craft a visual online presence.


Our designers craft UI and UX magic and campaign visuals that not only bring your brand identity to life, but leave a lasting impression on would-be customers.

Mostly Serious’ content abilities include website writing, on-page SEO, and evergreen copy curation.


From website writing to on-page SEO, our writers blend magnetic, seamless copy with evergreen tactics that encourage interactions in all the right places.

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