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Starting with Groundwork

We understand that your business goals are targets to be hit—but we don’t just throw a bunch of darts and hope one sticks. Instead, we roll out the essential groundwork to gather all the facts, get familiar with literally every aspect of your problem to be solved, and map out a trajectory to move forward. All of that good stuff starts with a download session of you, your business, and what you’re setting out to achieve.

Conducting a Research Deep Dive

Where are you currently and where have you been?

After we wrap our discovery session, our team sets out to expand on that information by way of research, research, and (you guessed it!) research. But we don’t just collect a heap of numbers and call it good. We scrutinize the nitty-gritty data and details and fit them all together like a puzzle so they tell a bigger story. Customer surveys, website visitor behavior data, market research, and competitor audits help us form a narrative based on facts and insights. When all is said and done, the narrative tells us exactly where we need to go next.

Building a Strategic Roadmap

How do we help you get where you want to go?

With hearty research about your business, audience, and industry fresh in our minds, we head back to the drawing board to collaborate on the best all-around approach to your needs. It might lead to recommendations for a fully functional ecommerce site, a series of digital ad campaigns, or some other combination of our suite of services, but one thing is for sure—your business needs will be met in the most effective ways. Nothing more and nothing less.

At Mostly Serious, we let the why lead the way. It paves a path to your success so clear, you’ll wonder why anyone would do it differently.

Examples of Groundwork in Our Case Studies

See How Data Shaped Our Work with 417 Magazine

We worked closely with 417 Magazine to overhaul the publication’s entire digital presence. To ensure our efforts were successful from the first step, we began our relationship by deep-diving into a true understanding of their existing print and digital audiences, which led to new discoveries.

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