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Effective Solutions

Once our immersion in your brand or company's groundwork is complete (a milestone in and of itself!), the next step in our tried-and-true process is to go back to the drawing board and make our recommendations as to which of our expert solutions make the most sense for your needs.

Perfection in every solution we offer our clients—from website design and development to web apps to crafted brand identity—has always been a primary focus for Mostly Serious. No matter what form they come in, solutions that stand toe to toe with work from the coasts is a point of pride. That's why we insist on working with clients who expect and understand the value of investing in beautiful, functional online properties, from conception to construction to continual improvements.

Responsive Design as a Non-Negotiable Foundation

In 2018, with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and other new development languages shattering boundaries that once left designers caged, our responsive web design results in sites that perform to perfection on literally any device. And we take full advantage, because in the post-PC world, responsive web design is a must. Though providing responsive web design is surely on the up-and-up for everyone else, we're not ones to tag along behind.

Flexible Internal and Customer-Facing Web Apps

Our seasoned, almost scarily thorough developers get fired up when they get the chance to put some brains behind the beauty of our award-winning designs. From web platforms that connect multitudes of users to native desktop apps that help individuals solve problems, we have the drive and the skill to turn your best ideas into best-selling, high-functioning apps.

Not every application must be developed as a native iOS or Android app. Many useful, high-selling apps take advantage of web-based technologies. Web apps are often the way to go, as they allow both the robust implementation required for consistent, reliable performance and the substantial flexibility that's often preferred for app features.

Other Solutions

No matter what the digital capability is that we're prepared to offer (it might even be a nose dive right into a digital marketing campaign that utilizes our orbit marketing philosophy), it comes with the best practices and features that only a hand-selected set of solutions could bring—as opposed to a cookie cutter approach that gives you too much fodder with not enough return.

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