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Aimee has a penchant for airtight code and thorough programming that polishes projects from the inside out.

A Little More About Aimee

Aimee's love for coding is matched only by her ambition to expand her knowledge and experience. Always driven beyond her years, she wasn't willing to postpone her pursuit of engineering until college, so during high school she submerged herself in online courses on Python and machine learning, offered through Stanford and MIT.

After graduating high school summa cum laude, Aimee opted to forego college, instead attending Coding Campus—a 12-week course that offered an accelerated path to the industry. She crushed the course and continued obtaining vital experience by completing freelance projects for a range of clients before joining the Mostly Serious team.

Aimee is our resident theater geek—not one who sings show tunes around the house (we don't completely believe this, BTW)—but the type who finds every aspect of the show fascinating. Having spent six years in theater, Aimee has grown to love the experience, from audience member to cast to crew to stage manager.

Aimee grins as she hugs her boyfriend, Jamie.

A baby Aimee looks utterly terrified as she's hugged by a mysteriously costumed person wearing gardening gloves.

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