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Becca's analytical mind and talent for translating hard data to insights buoys our rationale-based strategies.

A Little More About Becca

At Mostly Serious, Becca's role as our digital marketing producer makes her the loudest voice in the room asking our all-time favorite question: "Why?" Her willingness and enthusiasm to discover the why behind trends, stories, and tactics puts the creative execution for Mostly Serious's client campaigns on firm footing—and she does it all with the steely determination that no action should be accidental.

Backed by a Master of Communication from Missouri State University, Becca has cultivated a career that revolves around helping institutions and organizations find their voice to reach their ideal audiences and foster meaningful connections with them. As a social strategist for a large accounting firm and an online social media course instructor for Southwest Baptist University, she's become an expert in harnessing social media to tell a brand story and assessing measurable campaign KPIs to bring every campaign phase home for the win.

Unsurprisingly, Becca has several strong suits outside the professional realm. An accomplished fitness enthusiast, Becca loves hiking with her husband, crushing her Crossfit goals, and volunteering as a head coach for the Southwest Missouri Special Olympics powerlifting team. She also loves immersing herself in the interactive storytelling of video games like Mass Effect, Sea of Thieves, Gears of War, and Mario Party.

A sunglasses-wearing baby Becca sits in the drivers' seat of a car even though it's not allowed.

Becca sits on a cliff near a precarious but beautiful waterfall.

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