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Joe's video and motion graphics expertise completes our stack of full-service capabilities.

A Little More About Joe

At Mostly Serious, Joe's expertise in animation, motion graphics, and video production gives our clients and team the advantage of the most sought-after content mediums available—and adds more possibility, dimension, and polish to our creative.

After graduating from Missouri State University, Joe developed a knack for capturing the electricity of weddings and other events through his own video production company, Aperture Video. His video work through Aperture Video led him to his first job working as a video producer in an agency setting, where he pushed to elevate the production of every video and motion project leaving the shop and coordinated or oversaw television commercials, digital ads, and promotional pieces.

In addition to his professional chops, Joe's just-for-fun work has helped him build his street cred. Joe has won numerous awards through his entries to SATO48, Springfield's annual 48-hour film challenge—a recognition that proves he's a talented filmmaker and that he can produce spectacular visuals within the confines of an ultra-tight deadline.

Joe spends his free time with his very good dog, Nadja (pronounced Nad-ee-yah), a Malamute/Anatolian Shepherd mix blessed with Heterochromia, a condition that gave her one blue eye and one hazel eye. He also likes board and video games, making and listening to music, and falling into the YouTube abyss.

Speaking of abysses, Joe likes learning about space—so much that he claims anything space-related is exciting for him. What about black holes, Joe? Dark Flow (Google it)? Solar superstorms? Vampire stars? Space isn't for all of us (especially if you've seen "Interstellar"), but fellow fans of the mysteries of the universe will find a friend in this talented person.

Joe holds up a wedding veil while looking at the camera with a bemused expression.

A baby Joe Camden wearing jammies smiles in front of a Christmas tree.

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