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Lucy is a veteran architect of audience-driven strategies and authentic brand positioning.

A Little More About Lucy

As our Director of Client Services, Lucy brings a set of imCompany Newsive skills to the Mostly Serious table that only someone with more than a decade of agency experience can bring. Don’t believe us? Spend ten minutes in a room with her and you’ll see her marketing strategy, account management, and media planning chops in action.

Before joining Mostly Serious, Lucy cut her teeth in world of culinary and food service advertising for both businesses and consumers. From planning market tours to facilitating innovation sessions that brought Instagram-worthy food trends to life, she uncovered consumer insights with more gusto than Sherlock Holmes. Oh, and she also co-founded the Springfield Urban Agriculture Coalition, which built 10 educational garden programs at area schools—no big deal.

When Lucy isn’t making sure our projects are on time and on budget—and divvying out strategic insights that bolster every aspect of our day-to-day work—she loves to flex her expert gardening muscles (heirloom veggies are her favorite), dream up backyard projects, and enjoy the great outdoors in every possible way. She also spends a lot of free time training her adorable dog, Zora, how to be the most proper of pups.

Lucy smiles with her husband, Brad.

A baby Lucy with cheeks for days sits in an ornate antique chair.

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