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Holiday Bingo: From Our Office to Yours

Posted on December 02, 2020

Happy holidays from all of us at Mostly Serious!

At the end of a year that's been anything but fun and games, we want to share an office tradition with you and yours. We take office bingo pretty seriously (seriously), so to spread some extra cheer this year, we created custom cards that celebrate the joys and clichés of office life around the holidays.

Whether you're counting down the final days of your work calendar together or through a Zoom screen, you deserve a break. Really. Go ahead and take one.

We hope your 2021 bingo card is filled with joy.

Mark your board. Check it twice.

Download a set of cards now to print and distribute or share digitally. See how many holiday happenings you spot around your office (or through your screen).


Want to keep the fun going? Read how office bingo makes our culture better and find tips to create a new tradition (and friendly/fierce competition) with your team.

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