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You've probably heard the news by now. But just in case you still need to get caught up, we recently made a big announcement:

Mostly Serious is moving to the Galloway neighborhood soon!

We've been thrilled to share this news with our clients, our various company and community partners, and of course, friends like you. In the coming weeks we'll be posting progress and updates about our new office renovations on our Facebook and Instagram accounts, so be sure to follow us there to keep up with the details.

But first, we've got a special tribute to pay.

Even though there's a lot of excitement surrounding our big move, there's one negative we can't reconcile: moving away from downtown, our city's beating heart and the driver of its culture. Downtown Springfield welcomes with arms wide open businesses, recreational programs, events, and progressive art movements that used to be a little too big-city-ish for this region's neck of the woods. Our close proximity to it all has given us the luxury of enhancing, pausing, or ending our daily work flow in a choose-your-own-adventure sort of way: with a house-roasted cup of coffee, a luxe glass of wine on tap, a new book at Bookmarx (and a head scratch or two for Squash), a hand-selected bouquet of flowers, a gourmet grilled cheese, or a pint at Mother's Brewing Company—the latter of which, we've found, is best enjoyed while taking home second place in our division of the 2018 season of the downtown wiffleball league. Not that we're bragging.

These are things we're going to miss, but not nearly as much as the faces behind every downtown business or organization we frequent. And of course, some of those faces are those of our own clients: the Downtown Springfield Association, Mother's Brewing Company, and Community Foundation of the Ozarks are all headquartered in or near downtown's blocks. To them, we don't have to say goodbye, necessarily—just that we'll try as often as possible to meet at their place.

Above: These are just a handful of the moments we've captured over the years that perfectly encapsulate what it's like to build a thriving business in downtown Springfield.

Downtown has had a lasting influence our culture.

Even though we're on our way to the south side of town, downtown's influence on our culture—in ways both subtle and huge—won't go anywhere. For instance, everyone here has a go-to Rama Thai order complete with a preferred spice level rating (and it's almost always too spicy, but honestly, we do it to ourselves). Most of us would gladly walk a mile in bare feet over hot coals for The Coffee Ethic's cold brew. Some of our all-time greatest planning meetings have happened around a Patton Alley Pub table. And again, we got second place in our division of the 2018 season of the downtown wiffleball league.

But some of the big, immovable, down-to-the-core parts of our culture were shaped by this part of town, too. Had we not spent a hair short of a decade here, we might not have developed the level of passion our team members share for supporting our community and being active participants in its progress. We wouldn't have made it a point to take on active roles in downtown-exclusive boards, task forces, and social programs. We wouldn't have had the same creative or collaborative opportunities with so many companies and organizations trying to do right by our city and make it better, block by block. For that influence, we're really, really grateful.

Now, playing an active role in bettering our community—in small, everyday ways and on a larger scale—is forever embedded in our values, no matter where our future takes us. As a team and as individuals, we'll keep on looking for opportunities to push our city and its neighborhoods forward.

So for all that and then some, downtown, thanks for eight years of fond memories. Galloway's got big shoes to fill.

Yours truly,

The Team at Mostly Serious

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