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We created a polished web presence and professional new logo for the Missouri House Democrats.


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Growing from the Ground Up

"From Rock Port, to Hannibal, St. Louis to Kansas City, Columbia to Kennett and everywhere in between, we all have the same kitchen table conversations about our family’s future." That's how Missouri House Democrats began their pitch to find new candidates to run in 2020.

A growing movement like this, with different key audiences all across the state, needed an updated web presence and brand identity to help continue momentum through November 2020 and beyond.

A contemporary color palette and large photography create a modernized feel, while interactive features provide many ways for visitors to get involved while exploring the site.

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Embracing An Official Identity

We worked with Springfield's own House Minority Leader Crystal Quade, along with Representative Peter Merideth and their dedicated Missouri House Democrats team to define goals and determine how a new website can help Missouri House Democrats (MHD) in the short and long term.

We followed strategic planning with a collaborative workshop to provide direction for the new logo and brand identity, exploring visual themes, colors, and the general vibe that would help inform our work. We asked where the future logo would ideally fit along a spectrum of modern to traditional, official to unofficial, and short-term to long-term.

We then created three logo concepts that explored this direction: a logo that was modern, with an official tone that set up MHD for longevity.


The final logo features a seal-style mark containing the Missouri State Capitol dome, with bright blue accents to act as a modern balance to traditional navy.

Donate. Volunteer. Run.

Prior to launching this project, MHD relied on a Tumblr page and Facebook to share news and updates. The new site needed features that could help reach the goal of growing the Democratic party in Missouri from the ground up:

  • Candidates: Attract new candidates to run in all 163 of Missouri's districts and support them with resources to run a successful campaign
  • Volunteers: Give supporters easy ways to get plugged in and stay involved in their area
  • Fundraising: Encourage small monthly donations and reach institutional donors to sustain efforts
  • Events: Show a central calendar for state-wide and candidate events


This final result fulfills all those benchmarks with added interactive elements:

  • ActBlue integration to encourage one time gifts and grow monthly donations
  • A Juicer feed for social media updates
  • An interactive map that helps people to vote, volunteer, or run in their district

"No words to express how important the support of Mostly Serious has been. Endless thanks to them for helping us build important infrastructure!"

House Minority Leader Crystal Quade, District 132

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