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We design and build modern, beautiful websites that win business-building conversions.

Why are our websites so beautiful, functional, and effective? Because we insist that every decision—front to back, beginning to end—be made for a damn good reason. You'll see that insistence at work when we collaborate with you to learn your ultimate goals and map out your site's flow. When we show our research about the best possible connections your site could make with your audience. When we plan, plan, and plan a little more. When we design and build an easy-to-navigate user experience supported by custom features and stellar content.

Simply put, every web design we create is a reflection of our not-at-all-subtle passion for helping you achieve your goals in the smartest possible ways. And that's exactly what you need in a web design agency.

Modern, Beautiful Design

Built to Support Your Goals

Conversion-Focused Pathways

Advanced Custom Features

Perfect On Any Device

Ecommerce Platform Options

Custom Web Design, Built to Support Your Goals

As a custom web design agency, Mostly Serious's web design chops and beautiful websites and apps are showcased in this picture of a tablet, laptop, and iPhone.

Every decision we make for your site is backed by powerhouse rationale that aligns with your vision for your business.

Good website design looks and performs better when it's done with an end-goal in mind. Our website design capabilities support the goals and we identify in discovery meetings, strategic planning sessions, or research phase (or in some cases, all three). When we've got a good download on your goals and where you're at, we move on to collaborative site mapping sessions that help us come to a consensus about the site structure that’s best for your users based on what we know about them. Whether we’ve uncovered that your brand needs stronger representation or you have a new product or service launch on the horizon, we make effective plans for a beautifully executed user experience that elevates your online presence and sets the stage for lasting success.

Advanced Solutions Supported by The World's Best Platforms

Mostly Serious's interactive web design is brought to life by platforms like Craft and Wagtail.

Thanks to these flexible platforms and our rockstar team of full-stack engineers, we have the chops to build websites and apps of any size and scale.

Once you meet our intuitive, easy-to-use supporting platforms, you'll never look back. Our full-stack engineers trust content management platforms like Wagtail and Craft CMS to make our ambitious website designs and custom solutions easy to build, manage, and update. We’ve fallen hard for Craft CMS in particular, which is why we’ve joined the Craft CMS Partner Network. Craft gives us the freedom to build custom websites that are fast and scalable on the back-end. And our clients like it because when it’s time to hand off our sites to in-house teams for good, they're trained up in less than an hour.

We rely on industry-leading SEO plugins to maximize opportunities for great on-page SEO. We also use AWS web hosting, which boasts a 99.99% uptime rate.

Learn Why We Use Craft CMS

Check out a few of our featured sites.

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ACES Baseball

See how our site for ACES Baseball, a baseball agency based in Brooklyn, New York, used bold animation and interactive cues to communicate key differentiating messaging to young MLB recruits and their parents.

417 Magazine

Learn more about our how approach to designing and building our suite of websites for 417 Magazine leaned into the latest modern digital publication trends—and made good on eye-opening research findings about how their digital audiences browse content.

Mother's Brewing Company

Find out more about our design process behind the full-width design and load-in animations that brought Mother's Brewing Company's larger-than-life personality to their new website.

Some of the Things We Make

Ecommerce Websites

Our custom-designed e-commerce websites are supported by conversion-focused product purchasing paths and leading e-commerce platforms (like Shopify and Craft) that help you smash your online revenue goals.

Enterprise Websites

Our enterprise websites are more than just a pretty face for your brand. They're custom-designed and engineered to drive leads, increase foot traffic, raise awareness, and tell your story—all with features and user pathways that are backed by research and solid rationale.


From web platforms that connect users to native, problem-solving desktop apps, we have the creative drive and technical chops needed to turn your great ideas into best-selling, high-functioning apps.

Microsites & Landing Pages

Even the smallest sites should be mighty. We design and build microsites and landing pages that swiftly tell your story, promote your cause, or introduce your new service or product. Better yet, they get your audience on board.

Boutique Brand Sites

We custom-design and build modern brand sites that can support your larger marketing strategy as a digital calling card, showcase your portfolio, and serve as a beautiful, conversion-focused representation of your brand.

Our Process

We Ask “Why?”

We're fearless learners with an insatiable curiosity about finding the best possible way to make great things.

We Put Strategy First

We're fact-finders and truth-bringers. We one-up challenges with strategies steeled by good, strong rationale and bold creative.

We Build it Right

Our talented team researches, designs, writes, codes, hashes it out, asks tough questions—without a single corner cut.

Let's get to work.