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Chelsea's love for connecting with people gives her a unique talent for understanding our clients—and their audiences.

A Little More About Chelsea

At Mostly Serious, Chelsea's warm, can-do personality shines in her role as an account manager for many of our clients. From initial strategy plans to communicating project needs to setting deadlines, her love of establishing human connections—and organizing like her life depends on it—makes her a trusted advocate for everyone she comes into contact with at Mostly Serious.

Chelsea's passion for understanding and responding to our clients is backed by more than a decade in account service supporting local, regional, national, and global brands. During that time, she honed her innate talents for listening to stakeholders' needs, earning their trust, and developing winning deliverables.

What really gets her excited, though, is understanding and building on a client's story. “I love letting qualitative and quantitative data create a narrative," says Chelsea. “Digging in and really leveraging data gives us a unique ability. We’re able to understand and anticipate the needs of an audience so that the brand shines, leaving the audience with only one regret: not having converted sooner.”

According to Chelsea, her free time is best spent with her friends, her husband, Jeff, and her two kids, Carter and Brooke. If the weather is anything short of a gale, odds are you'll find her on a soccer field, golf course, basketball court, or in a swimming pool. She's also nearly as comfortable in the water as she is on land and by her estimation, has spent a quarter of her life on Table Rock Lake.

And if you're ever in need of a Girl Scout Cookie source to get your Caramel deLites or Thin Mints fix, look no further: Chelsea is a troop leader. In fact, any lover of sweet treats will find a friend in this self-proclaimed dessert fanatic.

An adorable baby Chelsea looks a little unsteady on her feet.

Chelsea sits on a picnic blanket with her husband and two kids, Carter and Brooke.

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