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Cornelius' engineering capabilities are enhanced by his eye for design.

A Little More About Cornelius

At Mostly Serious, Cornelius' dual design and development experience makes him uniquely equipped to engineer our site projects to interactive perfection and see our designers' visions through.

After growing up in rural southwest Mo., Cornelius received a full-ride scholarship to the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville to study electrical engineering. Even though things seemed great on paper, it didn't take him long to figure out the traditional collegiate path wasn't right for him. After two semesters, he took a leap and tried something completely different: touring the country full-time as a band's road manager.

That decision was the first domino to fall for his ultimate career path. While out on the road managing the band's online presence and merch, Cornelius discovered he had a passion for web design and development. When his touring gig wrapped, he put down roots for good and joined a local agency as a web developer.

Like many of us, though, Cornelius claims his humble beginnings as a digital creative really started with customizing his Myspace page as a kid. (We can relate.)

In his free time, Cornelius reads, runs, cooks, bakes, and works on personal, open-source web development tools and resources. And under normal, non-pandemic-y circumstances, the odds are pretty good you'll find him enjoying talking craft cocktail shop at one of Springfield's local bars.

Cornelius Ukena smiles while standing against a white wall.

Youngster Cornelius Ukena looks fly while rocking a necklace and crewneck sweater.

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