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Emily's varied skillset and wealth of agency experience adds polish to our projects.

A Little More About Emily

Emily graduated from Parkview High School. After high school, she attended Missouri State University—Go Bears!—and graduated with a degree in marketing with an emphasis on advertising and promotion. Fast-forward a few years, Emily earned a Masters Degree in management, which she completed while working full-time.

In her first agency role, Emily had the pleasure of working with local businesses and non-profits spanning a variety of industries, which helped her gain a better understanding of unique marketing needs and how to strategize for them. Emily also sharpened her skills as a planner and executor of local focus groups, which helped her cultivate a love of all forms and fashions of primary and secondary research.

In her second agency role, Emily shifted her focus to national accounts in the b2b foodservice space. While there, she specialized in bigger-picture strategic thinking, media integration, branding development, and photography/videography planning and coordination.

Now, in her third agency role as a senior account manager at Mostly Serious, Emily has brought her wealth of experience to our table. She's a knowledgeable point of contact our clients can lean on, and her varied skillset adds polish to our projects from beginning to end.

In her free time, Emily enjoys activities ranging from exciting and adventurous (like traveling internationally) to low-key (like embroidery, baking, and rom-com bingeing). She's also a fan of spending time with her family, friends, and dog.

Fair warning to anyone who may try to beat her in a board game, however: Emily is ultra competitive. She brings the competition the most when playing air hockey, a tabletop sport in which she claims she's "legit undefeated even though my hand-eye coordination is [expletive redacted]."

Emily Dale as a wee toddler

Emily Dale standing in front of a beautiful row of islands while vacationing internationally

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