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Maranda excels at leading complex programming projects and streamlining back-end functionality.

A Little More About Maranda

Maranda seized her spot as director of engineering by exemplifying the ideal qualities and dedication Mostly Serious expects from our people and by leading the team well before we acknowledged it with a title. She's a particularly effective leader because she is not satisfied being an expert in her chosen field; she also insists on performing other key services we provide to gain first-hand insights. This gives Maranda the unique ability to manage her department with the thorough understanding of how excellent user experience design, website writing, and development must interconnect to yield beautiful results.

Outside of her work with Mostly Serious, Maranda finds as many ways as she can to give back to the tech community. Her pride and joy, The Geek Foundation, is a nonprofit organization she co-founded that seeks to increase the tech employee pipeline by making it more diverse. You can spot her regularly at tech meetups around town or volunteering her time on other tech initiatives like Springfield Women In Technology, Hack 4 Good, and the Tech Leaders Lunch.

Our do-gooder doesn't find all her joy staring at a monitor, though. Her action-oriented approach to life has led to many hobbies and side projects, including teaching yoga and meditation, culturing vegan cheese, singing at events, and playing crucial roles in the many causes she finds meaningful.

Maranda shows off a painting she created with a friend.

A blonde, baby Maranda looks cute in bib overalls.

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