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A visual refresh and website update to support Care to Learn's growth.

Imagine sitting in an 3rd grade classroom with your stomach rumbling. You didn’t have breakfast this morning, again; and it’s hard to pay attention when you aren't sure when you'll next get something to eat.

Care to Learn understood the impact that scenario could have on a student, and they decided to do something about it. Their organization partners with dozens of Missouri schools to meet the urgent health, hunger, and hygiene needs that prevent students from succeeding. And since 2008, they’ve been busy! Through their many Chapters, they’ve met over 2 million student needs—like a warm winter coat, a meal, and or a new tooth brush.

To support their organization’s growth and the increasing number of Chapters, Care to Learn partnered with Mostly Serious to overhaul their website and refresh their brand messaging.

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Our Role

  • Web Design + Development
  • Craft CMS Websites
  • Creative Services
  • Website Analytics
Two website screenshots: one of Care to Learn's old site and one of their new site.
Care to Learn's website on a simulated laptop on a green background

Built for Growth

In our Project Planning Session with the Care to Learn team, we dug into two key questions: What is holding them back? And where do they want to be?

Based on this discussion, we discovered that one of their major blockers was their existing website’s content management system (CMS). It was difficult to keep their site up to date and it was not capable of supporting their growth in real time.

As a result, we built a site on CraftCMS that gave them the tools and autonomy to make website updates themselves as they continue to expand their outreach:

  • Manage data at both an organization level and an individual Chapter level
  • The ability to add more Chapters and expand into neighboring states
  • An easy-to-navigate Chapter directory
  • The ability to update events and support chapters' fundraising efforts in real time
  • A permission system to control access for multiple tiers of site admins
  • And integrations with their email marketing and online giving platforms

Digital Brand Development

Building on the great branding work done internally by the Care to Learn team, we made recommendations for translating their refreshed visuals into the digital space. Those recommendations were then pulled throughout their website.

Care to Learn’s new look is clean, but sprinkled with fun elements that keep it fresh while elevating the brand. Freeform blobs, geometric confetti shapes, crisp icons, and saturated colors keep the organization's kid-focused mission front and center. The tasteful use of a script font and exceptional photography from Care to Learn also provide a warm human element to the design.

Care to Learn's digital brand guidelines
Screen shot of an event page on Care to Learn's website highlighting the School Soiree 2023
Screen shot of Care to Learn's website with Our Story text and images in geometrical shapes
Screenshot of a map on Care to Learn's locations page
Screenshot of a portion of Care to Learn's website with sample text, colorful graphics and a photo of five children

Diving into Data

Both Mostly Serious and Care to Learn agree that good data is critical to making solid strategic decisions, so access to site data was a priority. We created accounts for Care to Learn on Google reporting tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console. This allows the Care to Learn team to have access to a wide range of valuable website data for the first time ever.

Because we know those data sources and tools can get overwhelming, we consolidated key metrics into a Google Looker Studio dashboard. This gives the Care to Learn team near real time data at their fingertips any time they need it. One great perk of a well-designed Looker Studio dashboard is that it can be shared as-is as a great visual for other stakeholders in the organization.

Two Care to Learn website screenshots on a simulated laptops on an illustration of a green table

Behind the Scenes


  • AA accessibility
  • Digital brand guidelines
  • Donor platform integration


  • Craft CMS
  • Svelte
  • TailwindCSS
  • Mapbox


  • Community Organizations

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