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Safe and Sober

A Springfield-based nonprofit organization founded in 2005, Safe and Sober has grown to 300 schools and counting. They develop free educational content with a mission to prevent substance misuse and encourage safe choices.

We started with a brand positioning exercise before exploring new logo options and ending in a full website redesign. The result is a brand identity and web presence that’s modern, young and relevant but also maintains Safe and Sober as an authentic authority on issues for students, parents, and schools.

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Our Role

  • Web Design + Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Creative Services
  • Logo Design + Brand Identity Design
  • Brand Positioning
  • Branding
A before and after view of the Safe and Sober logo
A collage of the Safe and Sober logo in multiple colors.

We took their existing color palette and gave it a modern design treatment, landing on a bright purple and chartreuse that nod back to the traditional dark purple and yellow in their original logo. We explored different iterations of the sticker design and a school-inspired banner, landing on a text-forward mark that emphasizes a hand-written “&” symbol. Other handwritten symbol elements come to life throughout the website design for Safe and Sober, from large sweeping background visuals to small-scale accents.

Collage of various Safe and Sober print collateral, which includes logo design and brand identity design services from Mostly Serious.
Photo of a high school student with the words "for students. for schools. for parents."

The new Safe and Sober website includes a complete brand refresh, new design details and animation, and redesigned navigation that helps users find what they’re looking for faster. From the header design to the hamburger nav menu, it’s apparent now that Safe and Sober offers resources for students, schools/organizations, and parents. Resources are also easier to explore by audience, age group, or subject. The website redesign includes a completely revamped dashboard where participating schools and organizations can securely access program details and materials.

Screenshot of a Safe and Sober website module.
Side by side view of the Safe and Sober homepage and the dashboard site.

Behind the Scenes

Project Team

  • Emily Dale
  • Maranda Provance
  • Cornelius Ukena


  • Resource library
  • School dashboard
  • Motion + animation


  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Svelte
  • Tailwind CSS
  • jQuery
  • AWS
  • Font Awesome
  • Webpack


  • Community Organizations

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