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UltiGuard Safe Pack Sharps Container & Mail-Back Disposal Kit is the one complete way for in-home injection users to dispose of used sharps, making homes safer and keeping harmful waste out of landfills. This is especially important in California, where new regulations require a mail-back solution.

We worked with the team at UltiMed to create a microsite for patients and pharmacies in California and beyond, as well as campaign messaging, sales collateral, direct mail, media ads, a How To video, and custom photography.

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Our Role

  • Web Design + Development
  • Craft CMS Websites
  • Advertising
  • Creative Services
Preview of the UltiGuard website on desktop, tablet and mobile views
Grid view of several pages on the UltiGuard Safe Pack website.
How-to video

As easy as: Box, Seal, Sign, Send.

We worked with Locke & Stache to produce an instructional video that walks users through the mail-back steps.

Screenshot of the steps to return the UltiGuard Safe Pack

Product Photography

We collaborated with Starboard & Port on a 2-day photo shoot that captured new product images of the vibrant UltiGuard Safe Pack packaging, as well as in-environment shots of pharmacy and home.

Mockup of print materials created in addition to the website
Print collateral and direct-mail series

Behind the Scenes


  • Custom photography
  • Spanish language
  • Campaign landing page
  • Motion + animation


  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing Marketing Services

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