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In a matter of days, “business as usual” has become an ever-moving target as COVID-19 has changed everyday life for our clients and the whole country. We’re feeling that with you.

Your inbox has likely been filled with notices from companies you interact with, and your to-do list is no doubt packed with new challenges to consider and tasks to address in response to this changing reality.

We’re here to help with these 5 tips to make sure your business is up to baseline across your digital channels. While we certainly can’t answer every question or address every variable, we’re happy to help how we can.

1. Communicate timely changes.

Start with the basic things people might want to know, such as closure, interruption in service, or other change that will directly impact your customers or the public. This includes:

  • Hours of operation
  • Temporary store closings/staff changes
  • Any changes to typical interaction with your business

Your customers and the general public may not need to know every change to your daily operations, but it’s important to communicate the ones that may affect them in the coming weeks.

2. Post an update on your website.

Whether it’s as simple as activating the promo banner on the top of your home page or publishing a more detailed blog post, make sure people can easily find information when they visit your site. Even if your operations are largely unchanged, the people you serve will be wondering what to expect from you.

If you anticipate ongoing updates, consider creating a landing page or blog post that you can link to once and then people can return to rather than sending out multiple emails or social posts. As topical fatigue sets in for the world at large, be sure you aren't over-saturating your communication channels.

3. Update your Google My Business page.

Making this quick update will ensure that anyone searching for your business will find the most accurate information. Include changes in hours, contact information, or other essential details on Google My Business. (Make these changes on your Facebook page, too.)

Step 4. Pin posts with vital information.

This simple Facebook feature makes urgent information or frequently-asked questions super easy to find for anyone visiting your page. Make sure it’s clear how people can communicate with you if they have questions or concerns, and try to respond in a timely manner—or set expectations when you aren’t able.

Here's a painless guide to pinning a post:

  1. Find the post on your Page's timeline.
  2. Click in the top right corner of the post.
  3. Select Pin to Top of Page.

Step 5. Take some pressure off.

Don’t feel as though you need to communicate beyond what feels necessary and directly related to your business. We have all been bombarded with messages about safety measures, and community and government agencies are working hard to share updates.

There’s no need to send constant updates, though sharing ways to help the community or positive local news stories can be a good way to stay connected to your customers. In that spirit, here’s one of our favorites.

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