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Campaign Summary

We strategized and executed a campaign that accomplished the Project Shift's objectives to increase quality traffic to key focus areas on their website and build awareness among Project Shift’s key audiences about positive shifts in the automotive tech industry. The campaign spent 95% of its $20,000 all-in media budget and generated 1.8 million impressions and over 55,000 quality engagements ranging from ad clicks to video views, 1,430 of which subsequently resulted in an additional engagement on OEM websites from Project Shift’s website. The campaign paid just $0.66 per engagement.



Project Shift is an initiative that helps individuals find high-tech, in-demand auto tech jobs for graduates and other career seekers. Project Shift’s role in supporting the advancement of the auto tech industry is two-fold:

  1. use information, statistics, and resources to adjust perceptions of the auto tech career path for younger generations, and
  2. connect career seekers to original equipment manufacturers (e.g. Subaru or Volvo) offering programs and jobs.

After launching Project Shift’s Webby-nominated website in 2020, Project Shift’s team tasked Mostly Serious with creating a media and content strategy that would raise awareness about Project Shift, a new initiative in the market, with its key audiences.

Screens from the Project Shift website

Campaign Breakdown

To carry out the media and content strategy, Mostly Serious strategized a campaign with the following objectives:

  1. drive quality traffic to key focus areas on the Project Shift website, and
  2. build awareness among Project Shift’s key audiences about positive shifts in the automotive tech industry.

Success in these objectives was measured by the following:

  1. a measured increase in quality and quantity of website traffic
  2. ad engagement, including video views and clicks leading to key content areas on the website, and
  3. on-site engagement with information and links for programs offered by OEMs.

Project Shift has two primary audiences:

  1. middle and high school students, as well as other job-seeking individuals, who may not be interested in attending a traditional four-year college but who would be great candidates for a career in auto tech; and
  2. adult influencers (including parents and guardians, counselors, and teachers) who guide and support students in their career search.

With awareness as the broader goal and keeping Project Shift’s audiences in mind, we built a holistic, cross-complimentary strategy around the following tactics:

  • Google Search Ads — to target individuals conducting two kinds of searchers: 1) searchers seeking more information about careers in auto-tech, e.g. how to become an automotive technician, and 2) searchers seeking information about careers that don’t require a degree, e.g. best jobs without a degree. This tactic in particular aimed to present searchers who had likely varying levels of awareness about a career as an auto tech with information that put
  • Google Display Ads — to retarget existing site visitors and reach individuals searching for topics and keywords matching those in our Google Search groups, as well as those who identify as recent or soon-to-be graduates
  • Facebook Network Ads — to primarily target adult influencers, especially those who identify as parents with middle or high school-aged children
  • YouTube Ads — to target both adult influencers and students
  • Blog Content — to build a well-curated collection of content supporting high-quality information that targets longer information-seeking keywords, e.g. working at a car dealership

In analyzing the campaign, the Mostly Serious team presented the Project Shift team with helpful demographic data for future efforts, e.g. identifying which tactics are better suited for reaching young women and encouraging them to become auto techs (a sub-goal of Project Shift’s mission).

The Mostly Serious and Project Shift teams also collaborated on the possibility of using Facebook as a tool for direct, one-on-one conversations with adult influencers whose perceptions of the auto tech industry have the opportunity to be improved.

Project Shift


The campaign ran for four months and generated results that surpassed all quantifiable estimates and the Mostly Serious and Project Shift team's expectations. In addition to the results below, the campaign also generated valuable a secondary level of engagement: 1,430 clicks from the Project Shift site to OEM program sites.

Over four months, the campaign spent 95% of its $20,000 all-in budget and paid just $0.66 per engagement.


Watch a campaign ad.

Our campaign A/B tested video ads at different lengths so we could later prioritize the best-performing ones.

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