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Our clients tend to have mature marketing teams that understand the power of engaging, informative, and relevant website writing. They may come to us for an initial request of brand management, go-to-market campaigns, or custom website overhauls, but hidden just beneath the surface is always some type of content requirement, from creative copy to SEO-driven website writing. Our clients are not strangers to the importance and impact of writing.

Still, writing for the web remains a major challenge.

Some years ago, we had a suspicion that we were able to launch websites faster when we handled content writing and website population. After digging into the data, we found that, on average, we launch websites four months faster when our team is tasked with writing rather than our client's team. There are a variety of factors for this, including our client contacts wearing many different hats and struggling to dedicate the required time to content creation. The reality is, creating great writing is really hard

That's why we created Promptly, a Craft CMS AI-writing assistant that breaks through the blank page, provides helpful headlines, and delivers powerful editing features from proofreading to language translation. Promptly is built on the revolutionary technology behind ChatGPT. Early studies have shown dramatic increases in productivity when leveraging ChatGPT, with a recent MIT study showing a 37% increase without sacrificing quality. Additionally, the tool was found to greatly reduce brainstorming and rough draft creation time, and was actively used during the editing process. Given the clear benefit of using ChatGPT, our goal is to bring the technology directly into Craft CMS while providing proprietary prompts that make the authoring experience even easier.

How Promptly Assists Writers

We built Promptly to assist writers in two key areas: brainstorming and editing. While ChatGPT and other AI models can't quite nail your brand's tone and voice yet, it can dramatically accelerate your ability to start writing and speed up the process of proofreading and finalizing your work. Here are the features in each category:

Brainstorm: Craft tailored headlines, think of topic ideas, and solve the blank page problem by writing opening paragraphs.

🧠 Brainstorm

Suggest Topics

Create an Outline

Suggest Headlines

Write an Opening Paragraph

Write Multiple Paragraphs

✍🏼 Edit

Fix Spelling & Grammar

Translate Language

Change Tone

Adjust Length


Edit: Save time and money by leveraging Al to correct spelling and grammar, adjust the length of your content, translate languages, or change the tone of your writing.

Create Custom Prompts

In addition to our built-in functions, Promptly also allows users to create their own custom prompts. We've been blown away by some of the ideas from our users. Here's a preview of some of the ways you can extend Promptly to meet your needs within and beyond your Craft CMS and Craft Commerce sites:

Create Custom AI Prompts with Promptly for Craft CMS

Product Descriptions

Generate unique and persuasive product descriptions for your entire e-commerce store.

Social Media Captions

Have Promptly write creative and attention-grabbing captions for social media posts directly from the content you will share.

Event Invitation Text

Provide Promptly with an overview of your event and have it quickly generate text for your event, whether for a webinar, conference, or a meetup.

Support Docs & FAQs

Promptly is excellent at writing technical information that everyone can easily read. 💡 Pro-tip: Use Change Tone to turn casual writing into expert content.

Write Smarter: How to Use Promptly

When building Promptly, our primary focus was to provide an exceptional AI-assisted writing experience for Craft CMS. To achieve this, we have created tailored prompts that are designed to increase the likelihood of ChatGPT delivering the best possible results for a specific need. Every prompt built into Promptly provides support in a key area of the writing process, from solving the blank page problem to polishing a completed article.

Promptly Screen

Below, we'll walk you through each of the prompts within Brainstorm and Edit, provide examples of how users get the best results, and, hopefully, inspire you to adopt Promptly as part of your content authoring experience within Craft CMS.

🧠 Brainstorm

Our aim with Promptly is to deliver an AI writing assistant capable of dramatically increasing your efficiency when writing. We strongly believe that the best brands will understand that now, more than ever, companies must dedicate resources to building strong, engaging, and unique experiences for customers. Promptly doesn't replace your team's writing; instead, it gives them tools to improve the writing process, bring new ideas to the table, and make suggestions that can be shaped into excellent outcomes. This all comes to life in the brainstorming category.

Let's walk through each function within this category and how it can help you improve your writing.

✍🏼 Edit

Promptly delivers powerful features for generating new content, but equally impactful is its ability to help you refine and polish your articles, product descriptions, and other website content. The edit feature gives you time back by automatically fixing spelling and grammar issues, programmatically translating your content to a variety of languages, changing the tone to better align with your audience, and adjusting the length or summarizing your writing.

We're incredibly excited to bring an intuitive ChatGPT experience directly into CraftCMS. Promptly is a powerful AI-writing assistant that can help writers overcome the challenges of creating engaging and informative content and bring high-quality editing tools directly into the native Craft authoring experience.

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