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We helped Burrell Behavioral Health realign its brand identity to reflect its accessible, future-driven mission and inspire conversations.


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This is not a story about how we just made a website.

We did create a website (that’s one of the things we do best), but first, we had to help Burrell Behavioral Health tackle a more pressing challenge: changing the conversation around mental and behavioral health.

And that’s not something you can do with just a website.

Our website design for Burrell Behavioral Health encourages patient accessibility by leading service seekers to the right information with subtle animations, a funnel-down navigational hierarchy, and an easy-to-use search filtering functionality.

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The Challenge

Burrell Behavioral Health is the region’s leader in mental and behavioral health services, serving more than 40,000 clients across 17 counties in Missouri. But being a regional leader wasn’t enough for Burrell. The organization’s passion for increasing awareness of these critical health issues transcended state borders, but its existing brand and website were barriers to that vision. Burrell's leadership team came to us looking for a partner who could develop a brand identity, messaging strategy, and website that positioned them as a national leader on mental and behavioral health issues.

A Brand for the Future

To craft a brand strategy that changed the national conversation on mental and behavioral health issues, we needed to understand the current discourse. So, we started learning. We wanted to identify what kind of messaging a person seeking help for mental or behavioral issues might encounter during his or her initial search for services. The leadership team at Burrell pointed us to the industry's major publications and voices, and our team actively sought additional resources. We signed up for newsletters, read medical journals, reviewed historically successful health-related campaigns, and analyzed the language of national mental health organizations.

The takeaway: a prospective patient seeking information or care was likely to encounter images of people in pain, websites featuring dark colors and jargon, and institutional, diagnosis-oriented language that emphasized issues (e.g., depression) rather than people.

So what if we built a brand that embodied the opposite of all that?


Burrell’s new logo puts conversation at the core of mental and behavioral health services. Literally. The chat bubbles let current and prospective patients know that the most important thing they can do for their health is to start a conversation about their needs. And its associated hashtag, #Time2Chat, captures Burrell’s overarching approach to leading a nationwide discussion about stigma. The only way to make people more comfortable talking about their mental health is to talk about them, openly and honestly.

An Access-Driven Website

The next challenge was to represent that brand across an entire digital property. To accomplish this task, we threw out traditional approaches to clinical issues, which are often steeped in jargon and feature cold color palettes, and opted for a bright and fresh design featuring people, motion, and plain language.

And to create clarity for prospective clients who weren’t quite sure what they needed, we designed a navigational system that guides users to critical information quickly and with clear, helpful cues.

Finally, to ensure that users who needed Burrell’s services immediately had clear, readily available paths for access, we weaved entry points and contact opportunities throughout the site.

The result is an engaging, easy-to-use website that welcomes clients into the next conversation about their health.

“Mostly Serious helped us develop a brand identity that reflects our goal of being a leading conversation-starter about mental health stigma. It supports our vision for the future.”

Matt Lemmon, Director of Communications at Burrell Behavioral Health
Completed Groundwork Research
Kicked Off Branding & Website
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