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Springfield, Mo., July 6, 2023 — Mostly Serious, a full-service, strategy-first digital marketing agency recently launched a new custom AI plugin for Craft CMS based websites. This plugin, called Promptly, gives content creators the ability to utilize the AI technology behind ChatGPT to help them brainstorm, draft, and edit content directly within a website’s CMS.

Promptly features tailored GPT prompts in three categories:

  • Brainstorm enables users to draft tailored headlines, generate topic ideas, and solve the blank page problem by writing opening paragraphs.
  • Edit leverages AI to correct spelling and grammar, adjust the length of content, translate languages, or change the tone of the writing.
  • Custom Prompts allow users to create their own prompts to generate any result they wish, without leaving Craft CMS.

This tool is primarily targeted at helping other agencies and website managers meet the demands of high-quality, robust content creation. It is available for purchase in the Craft CMS plugin store.

Expanding On Current AI Adoption

The release of Promptly is the most recent example of Mostly Serious’ commitment to embracing AI to move their agency and clients’ businesses into the future. Early in 2023, the agency provided each employee with paid subscriptions and training to utilize ChatGPT as personal assistants to streamline work and make routine tasks more efficient. Mostly Serious is also making significant time and financial investments to integrate AI into internal and client-facing operations in 2023, as well as building useful AI tools that are not currently in the marketplace.

Commitment to Responsible AI Usage

A long-time principle at Mostly Serious is to only pursue new technologies or trends that will directly benefit the agency and their clients. By prioritizing stability, reliability, and proven solutions that best serve their clients' needs and goals they have been able to focus only on trends, like AI, that they believe have staying power and will positively impact their clients’ results.

To continue this focus on stability and reliability, the agency has worked closely with their legal team and internal leadership to create policies and procedures to govern safe and responsible AI usage. When ChatGPT was introduced into the organization, robust policies, training, and dedicated internal communication channels were implemented. These guardrails support the agency’s values, principles, and demand for high-quality work to drive decisions for how to employ AI.

About Craft CMS

A content management system, or CMS, is an approach to organizing website content, managing website features, and connecting to third-party tools and services.

Craft CMS was created in 2010 by the team at Pixel & Tonic, a software development company previously known for creating premium ExpressionEngine add-ons. This CMS puts authors at the forefront of every decision and has steadily expanded adoption, with over 70,000 websites now using it. This is the CMS of choice for Mostly Serious developers due to its ease of use for clients, flexibility, and security.

About Mostly Serious

Founded in 2010, Springfield, Mo.-based full-service digital agency Mostly Serious offers a strategy-first approach to the latest in custom web design and development, digital marketing and advertising, and more. Mostly Serious has crafted award-winning websites and digital advertising campaigns for Burrell Behavioral Health, CoxHealth, Safe and Sober, and other well-known entities in the southwest Mo. region. For more information about Mostly Serious, visit or email

Mostly Serious Launches Promptly

Promptly, created by Mostly Serious, enables Craft CMS users to integrate AI-powered writing assistance into their regular website content creation.

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