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Orbit Marketing

Our approach to digital marketing encourages customers to take the penultimate action at every point of contact.

Our orbit marketing philosophy works like this: if your business goals and ideal conversion points are a planet, our digital marketing tactics work together to create a steel-trap orbit that draws your customers in to its atmosphere—and keeps them there. It’s a way of thinking that not only draws your ideal people to you, but earns their loyalty for the long run.

Depending on the goals at hand, our digital marketing tactics can happily be one-dimensional—such as a Facebook campaign that sets out to win new page 'Likes' from people in a certain geographic area or a Google AdWords campaign that aims to enhance website visibility for a new service offering. 

Or they can be as unending and complex as constellations.

Take, for instance, a digital marketing campaign we've pruned for one of our clients for the past several years. An updated website that helped set industry standards and came complete with engaging on-page SEO melded into monthly feature additions and more content curation.

Then we packed key performance pages with conversion forms, new presentations for detailed specs, helpful downloads, and more on-page SEO optimization. Then we added a Google AdWords campaign that sent more new customers across the nation to those pages. Then we added a retargeting campaign to bring back individuals who viewed those key performance pages but didn't convert.

In the current iteration of this client's orbit, we're helping them not only reach customers through organic SEO and online advertising—we're presenting an opportunity at every turn to turn them into a qualified lead by putting engaging, helpful content and conversion points at every touchpoint. And we have no plans of stopping yet.

Needless to say, the results for that client have been impressive, but you can read more about them here.

No matter what it looks like or what it’s made up of, our digital marketing work doesn’t go live without the orbit’s vision in our minds. Will they get where we want them to go? What will they do once they get there? And perhaps most importantly—will they stay or come back? Our orbit philosophy reinforces our groundwork. It puts the right services in the front seat. It manifests in the form of full-blown, long-term success.

Examples of Orbit Marketing in Our Case Studies

See How We Crafted HOLLOWAY AMERICA's Orbit

For more than seven years we've worked alongside HOLLOWAY AMERICA to grow their online presence as their business has grown and help hone in on their audiences' specific needs. From extensive SEO work (and more than 100 first-page key term rankings to date) to forward-thinking feature additions that help convert, we've helped them trail blaze the pressure vessels industry.

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