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Our ninth year as an agency kept us busier than ever. From January to December, we filled our whiteboards with plans and ideas countless times. We captured our clients' best sides on camera. We presented polished strategies and practical solutions. Each and every month we celebrated the printing of our clients' brochures and the launch of their websites.

These 19 projects were some of our favorites in 2019. Check 'em out!


Springfield Mechanical Services, Inc. (SMSI)

We've always been in the company of great local manufacturing clients, so we felt right at home getting to know the team and products at SMSI. Plus, we got to hang out at the SMSI facilities and shoot photography of the team at work—especially one very good boy in particular.*

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*We're talking about Banyon, obviously:

Banyon, a very good Golden Retriever
A screenshot of The Carpet Shoppe's website

The Carpet Shoppe

We first met The Carpet Shoppe team in the summer of 2018, and by January of 2019, we launched a website for this reputable local biz that left no question in users' minds just how many types of flooring The Carpet Shoppe offers. From sought-after luxury vinyl plank to artisanal rugs, we had a blast diving into the flooring industry so we'd have knowledge to design and build something more beautiful and functional than any of The Carpet Shoppe's competitors' sites.

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A screenshot of Modern Home Builders' website

Modern Home Builders

Modern Home Builders, a company parallel to Simply Inspired*, creates custom homes and modern home designs with timeless charm. Though we kept this site simple, we pulled Modern Home Builder's aesthetic through in surprising hover states, a contemporary color palette, and an ultra-functional Craft CMS backend that makes it painless to add new content down the road.

*We launched Simply Inspired's retail ecommerce site in 2018. Check out our case study about this project.

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A screenshot of Paragon 360's website

Paragon 360

Though Paragon 360's headquarters are here in Springfield, they routinely travel the country bringing their full-scale audio and visual solutions to entities ranging from churches to amusement parks to baseball stadiums. Our website design for Paragon 360 put a spotlight on the team's jaw-dropping project portfolio and presented its holistic range of services in a clear, user-friendly format.

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A screenshot of new website pages for CoxHealth

Updates to CoxHealth's Service Pages

One new landing page design. A dozen modular design updates. Hundreds of informational service pages, resources, providers, and locations. What do all these things have in common? We systematically combined them all together in 2019 for CoxHealth, the region's leading healthcare provider network.

We first launched CoxHealth's new website back in 2015. Since then, we've collaborated non-stop to make additional site improvements based on users' behaviors, departmental feedback, and healthcare industry trends. This year's biggest objective was to restructure CoxHealth's 38 service pages to be more streamlined and crystal-clear for users in need of healthcare access.

For many, these might seem like minor changes. For us and others, making information as accessible as possible to patients in need is a genuine honor.

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A screenshot of new website pages for Safe and Sober

Site Updates and Features for Safe and Sober

We've been fortunate to work with Safe and Sober on several projects over the years. (Starting with the organization's current Wagtail-supported website—check it out.) As Safe and Sober's mission to deliver outcome-based educational programs for safe choices has spread, we've had the opportunity to build more custom features into the site—a competitive leaderboard, for instance—that enrich the lives of youth in communities around us.

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A screenshot of a new website for Hambey Construction

Hambey Construction

The commercial contractors at Hambey Construction approached us to design and build a new website presence that would efficiently, effectively get their name out there—all while looking sleek and smart as the properties they help build.

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Our 2019 Video Reel

This year, we formally introduced video to our roster of services to expand our full-service capabilities. The moment we launched our video services we hit the ground running shooting b-roll and commercial footage, interviews, and testimonials for our clients and in-house. Our first year of video work is encapsulated in this video reel.

Like what you see?

While you're here, you should know that we can build something equally great for you in 2020. Reach out to us to get the ball rolling.

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A screenshot of Clear Design's new CMS

A Craft CMS Backend for Clear Design

Clear Design, a contemporary office furniture manufacturer, found us through the Craft CMS Partner network while scouting for an agency with the custom engineering chops to see their website design through to the finish line. Spoiler alert: we delivered on this site's dealer portal, roster of product pages, and other features on time and on target.

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A screenshot of State Park Marina

A New Website for State Park Marina

We partnered up with State Park Marina to design and develop a custom marketing site that would give seasonal lakeside visitors an immersive way to see how much summertime fun they can really have at this Table Rock Lake institution.

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A screenshot of OTO's new website

A New Website for the Ozarks Transportation Organization (OTO)

The OTO is on a mission to improve our region's transportation for tomorrow by collecting input from and fostering conversations with everyday citizens, local jurisdictions, and regional partners. We leaned on a rich color scheme and loading transitions to make the OTO site feel welcoming, energetic, and effective—just like the organization itself.

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A screenshot of TLG's new homepage

A New Homepage for The Larson Group (TLG)

TLG, a Peterbilt dealership company with 21 locations and counting, has enjoyed explosive growth over the past few years. We've worked alongside them throughout it all to curate targeted SEO keywords (totaling somewhere about 1,400!), improve customers' online journeys, and incorporate new programs and services digitally.

This year we modernized TLG's homepage to feature a powerful banner video and give visitors direct pathways to explore newer parts of the site.

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“Mostly Serious has taken our digital presence to an entirely new level. Thanks to their creative and knowledgeable team, The Larson Group brand has flourished since partnering with them in 2015. Our quality web traffic has more than doubled, we feel confident about standing out in such a competitive industry, and we’ve received countless accolades for how easy we make it for our customers to explore our products and services."
Headshot of Stephanie Cowdrey

Stephanie London-Cowdrey, Marketing Coordinator at TLG

A Refreshed Website and Marketing Materials for Ascend Dental Design

When we started working with Ascend Dental Design in 2017, we quickly realized that we share many of the same core values, plus a philosophical belief that simple, honest brand messaging earns quality results. This year, that belief led us to produce a refreshed website and marketing materials that support Ascend's most prominent message, "We do dentistry differently."

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Our "Take Our Word For It" Video

Soon after we launched video and motion services, we came up with a concept for explaining the value video, animation, and motion adds to a marketing or brand strategy. We had a blast developing this two-minute take on how brand video production and motion graphics can inspire, educate, and captivate your audience for more leads and sales.

A screenshot of the new UMMA website

A New Website for the United Marine Manufacturer's Association (UMMA)

We loved working alongside UMMA to create a website that helps its team carry out their mission to grow the marine manufacturing industry and increase healthy competition. We kept the nautical elements subtle and opted instead for animated design cues that are as helpful as they are playful. Most important of all are the modules that reinforce simple, straightforward messages and at-a-glance information.

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A screenshot of the new website for the CFO

A New Website for the Community Foundation of the Ozarks (CFO)

As longtime partners with the CFO—our work includes the Cause Momentum fundraising platform and Give Ozarks community initiative—we gladly accepted the challenge to reimagine the CFO’s website from the ground up. In collaboration with the CFO's team, we learned early on in the redesign process that the new site needed a simplified navigation, audience-differentiating CTAs, and straightforward directories to help users find the right information for their needs.

We're so proud of the beautiful and functional end product that helps the CFO fulfill its mission to streamline giving, grantmaking, and charitable resourcing in Southwest Mo. communities.

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Want more info? Read press about the CFO's website launch.

Read our Case Study

"We worked shoulder-to-shoulder with the CFO team to create an all-new site experience that leads users to the services and resources they most need and encourages the community to give back through this incredible organization."
Headshot of Jessica Spencer.

Jessica Spencer, Creative Director

A new homepage for Area Diesel Service

A New Homepage for Area Diesel Service, Inc.

From maximizing the checkout process based on user behaviors to curating hundreds of product-driven SEO rankings, we've been alongside the Area Diesel team to help them curate six figures in online revenue alone for the past several years. This year, we cut out time to give the homepage a facelift, too. Subtle parallax and a simplified navigation makes it easier—and more enjoyable—for customers to find and buy Area Diesel's power products.

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A new homepage for HOLLOWAY AMERICA


HOLLOWAY AMERICA has trusted our expertise since 2010 when Mostly Serious was a two-man operation working out of a spare bedroom, so it's fitting that a new homepage launch for this quality-driven manufacturing client was the last thing to leave our launchpad in 2019.

It's long-term partnerships like these that make it easy for us to fine-tune and refresh our clients' websites over time (seriously—get a load of that new full-width video banner) instead of proposing full revamps every few years.

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A new website and collateral for Greenway Development Group

A Brochure for Greenway Development Group

Squeezing into our 2019 launch list in the nick of time was our brochure for Greenway Development Group, the company behind micro-efficiency and mixed-used properties around Springfield and in other parts of the country that are developed based on real community needs. We have more work for Greenway Development Group coming to the launch pad in 2020, so stay tuned.

👋🏼 We may have said goodbye to 2019...

...But we're already back at it launching websites, producing marketing materials, and strategizing campaigns. Stay tuned in to our updates on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to see what leaves our launchpad next.

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