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We built a custom ecommerce site that's big on brand beauty for powerhouse creators, Simply Inspired.


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Simply Inspired is an established Etsy brand with a huge following on social media that needed to expand its digital presence with an ecommerce website.

The midwestern behind makers Simply Inspired had been delivering their handmade goods and decor to thousands of happy Etsy shoppers since 2016. But after two years of growth, product line expansion—and mounting platform fees from Etsy—Simply Inspired's Patti and Mike Brown knew they needed to bring their online shop experience under their own roof. We set out to build a flexible sales platform that not only showcased Simply Inspired's modern farmhouse-style goods, but gave them room to grow into the robust lifestyle company they envision. We sought out to build not just a store, but to tell the Simply Inspired story.

We drew from Simply Inspired's own style of heartfelt and handmade products to develop a website design that would establish and evolve their lifestyle brand presence. Fonts, colors, and subtle illustration flourishes throughout compliment Simply Inspired's product collections and style.

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Supporting Sales with Custom Selling Features

Simply Inspired had unique product and marketing needs that guided our approach to the new Simply Inspired website. Expected ecommerce features—like an editable promotional banner, related products, and filterable tagging that allows users to also browse products by room or collection—put Simply Inspired in line with the most modern ecommerce trends. In addition, custom Craft Commerce CMS features like extended product and shipping rule options, custom product requests, and monthly product subscriptions functionality gave the Simply Inspired team the flexibility that matched their business.

Bringing a Brand to Life

Simply Inspired's products have an unmistakeable style ("Modern Farmhouse" to be exact)—and its creators are talented designers and makers themselves. However, at the beginning of the website process, the only guiding brand visual was the modest Simply Inspired logo. Collaboration sessions that allowed our team to learn all about Simply Inspired, its products, and aspirational style gave us the foundation to build out Simply Inspired's visual look into a fully realized brand presence. Users who browse the site will notice illustrated organic flourishes and typography treatment that compliment the product style. Subtle brand elements like subway-tiled background patterns nod to Simply Inspired's custom homebuilding service and reinforce its identity as a home lifestyle brand.

Room to Grow

As Simply Inspired continues to expand its footprint in the lifestyle space, its site is designed to grow with it. A robust blog allows for video content and DIY tutorials that Simply Inspired intends to build out over time. Flexible landing pages allow the Simply Inspired team to create specially-designed landing pages for new services, locations, and seasonal product releases.

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