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When we wrote our 2020 Year in Review this time last year, we reflected on how the descent of COVID-19 affected our daily operations, our definitions of "team culture" and "togetherness", and—you knew this was coming—life as we knew it. When we wrote our review, we poured one out for 2020 and thought to ourselves, "Eurgh, glad that's over." So long, these uncertain times!

Well, you know what happened. The world stayed weird. The tech industry in particular planted a flag in the sand about remote-friendly work being not the future, but the here and now. We leaned into that shift by expanding our team footprint all the way to the shores of the East coast. Meanwhile, in May, we re-opened our Springfield, MO-based office for local team members and laughed our way through the occasional Zoom-related tech difficulty. (Thank you, clients, for laughing along with us.)

But despite our small victory of breathing life back into our then-very-dusty Mostly Serious headquarters, COVID-19 stayed—and our communities continued to suffer. So we mourned. And even though we grew in every imaginable way in 2021, some days felt harder than any we experienced in 2020.

This 2021 Year in Review is about all the good stuff—a year's worth of steps and leaps forward for our team and agency—because we want to take an intentional minute to honor everything that got us through. So settle in, breathe easy with the knowledge that 2022 is on its way (and yes, this is a threat: 2022 better be good), and read about all the happy, best-foot-forward moments that went down in our world this past year.

Stylized photos of Mostly Serious team members, Mike and Yirang.

New Team Members

This year our engineering department grew to accommodate the demand for fully custom development work. We added two new friendly (and whip-smart, and ultra-talented) faces to the engineering team:

Yirang and Mike also happen to be our remotest with the mostest: Yirang hails from Maryland while Mike resides in Illinois.

Our Top 5 Favorite Project Launches

A lot of amazing work, client collaborations, and problems to be solved came through our doors this year, but these ones stuck out as projects we'd pin on the proverbial refrigerator.

Safe and Sober homepage on a laptop
Mostly Serious website on mobile with Mobile Excellence Award.
STC website on a laptop
DMP website on a laptop
BGC website on a laptop

And Now, A Word From Our Clients

"I absolutely love working with Mostly Serious. This is an agency of talented, bright, passionate people. When I bring them a complicated problem, I know I can rely on them for creative solutions. They make us feel like their only client."

— Faith Pierce, CoxHealth | See Full Review

2021 in Review

Stuff We Obsessed Over

Whether on Slack or in the same room, here are just a few of the things that got us talking.

"Only Murders In The Building"
"The Righteous Gemstones"
Figuring out when and how to get our COVID-19 vaccines
Snakes (sneks)
A life-size, motion-activated cardboard cutout of Austin Powers that is still "Yeah, Baby!"ing-away at 4064 S. Lone Pine
Jarad typing "WTF" instead of "WFH" in Slack for months
Someone reaching out via our contact form to find out if Cornelius was a long-lost family member
Bo Burnham's "Inside"
Lizzo's latest single
All the babies (shout-out to Rosalie, Gus, and Micah Jo)
Mozzarella Sticks
Discussing the definitions of words like "Himbo" and "Cheugy"
"Dune" (2021)
The merits of submerging graham crackers in milk and eating the mush like cereal
"Ted Lasso", of course
2021 in Review

Other Notables

Three milestones we're proud of as we reflect on this year that felt both ten years and one month long.
(What is time? is what we're saying.)

In conclusion...

Well, that's our 2021 story. Much to our chagrin these uncertain times stayed uncertain, but in typical Mostly Serious fashion, we made the most of it—and found ways to grow through the chaos.

We couldn't have done all that without great collaborations with great clients. Without a willingness to evolve and embrace new chapters. Without grit and community and our other core values. And most importantly: without each other.

So long, 2021, you scallawag. We'll see you all on the other side!

- Your Friends at Mostly Serious

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