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Throughout the next few months, we will be highlighting each of our POOF committees. What’s a POOF committee you ask? Only the backbone of our culture-building activities here at Mostly Serious. POOF stands for our original four committees: Promotions, Outreach, Office, and Fun. We’ve since added Process and AI Strategy & Initiatives committees as well - but the POOF name has stuck.

These groups are made of up volunteers who choose to participate in building Mostly Serious’ culture through one or more of these committees. The first committee we’ll highlight is one we’re especially proud of: POOF Outreach Committee.

The POOF Outreach Committee: What It Is, What We Do, Why We Do It

At Mostly Serious, we welcome the responsibility to make the world a little better - through our work, community building, and by demonstrating a company culture in which people feel accepted, appreciated, and respected.

The Outreach Committee empowers our employees with the funds and time to make a real and substantial difference in the communities we care about and belong to.

Making Something Where We Are

As a mysterious host once said, “Make something where you are.” And, while our teams can live and work from anywhere, Springfield, Missouri is the place Mostly Serious offices and many of our team members call home. Springfield is a part of our fabric as much as we are a part of it.

When establishing the Outreach committee, we identified the key communities to which Mostly Serious belongs within Springfield, and use them as our guiding stars. Keeping these communities in mind focuses our efforts and empowers us to make decisions that not only ladder up the values of the outreach committee, but the 6 core values of our company.

Inclusive Community

We believe that a diverse and inclusive community brings a myriad of ideas, perspectives, and talents to the table. Our aim is to make Springfield, Missouri a hub for diverse talent and to support accessibility at all levels.

For Giving Tuesday in November 2022, we encouraged Mostly Serious employees to donate to an organization or cause of their choosing. Outreach then matched the total donations and donated the proceeds to Abilities First, an organization dedicated to ensuring people with developmental disabilities can experience full inclusion, acceptance, support, and a sense of belonging as community members.

Mostly Serious team participates in the Springfield Pride Parade

Tech Focused and STEM Educational Community

We're committed to empowering current and future generations with the necessary skills to thrive in an increasingly digital world. The committee actively invests in groups and events that promote education and collaboration in technology, science, engineering, and mathematics.

For example, we sponsored Field Elementary’s STEAM Night. This event served as an opportunity for students to explore and learn during a community event with activities such as a live ocean tidal pool, a demonstration from Springfield Robotics Team, a Book Fair, and interactive activities.

We also maintain consistent support for several local tech organizations such as Springfield Devs, the Springfield Tech Council, the Geek Foundation, and Springfield Women in Tech - all organizations dedicated to fostering those within the technical community and lifting each other up.

Creativity Community

Creativity fuels innovation and is the lifeblood of our vibrant corner of the Ozarks. That's why we're keen on actively investing resources into developing and supporting the local creative scene in Springfield. We do this through our sponsorship of Springfield Creatives and our active participation in various events dedicated to fostering and celebrating creative people and perspectives, like Overlay (previously known as MIDxMDWST), an arts and cultural festival started by our very own Meg Wagler in 2022. Participating in these events reflects our commitment not only to enrich our community but also to uplift artists and their endeavors.

Chelsea peeks her head around a pallet of hygiene goods the team prepared at Convoy of Hope

Check out the organizations Mostly Serious has supported through Outreach initiatives from 2020-2023:

  • Amanda Belle’s Farm (through the Springfield Community Gardens)
  • Better Block SGF
  • Boys & Girls Club SGF
  • Convoy of Hope
  • Eugene Field Elementary School Teachers Projects
  • Geek Foundation
  • History Museum of Springfield
  • Overlay (Previously known as MIDxMDWST)
  • Ozarks Counseling Center
  • Ozarks Pride (through the GLO Center)
  • Safe and Sober
  • SGF Women in Tech
  • Spfd. Creatives
  • Spfd. Devs
  • Spfd. Reg. Arts Council
  • Spfd. Tech Council
  • Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Springfield Little Theater
  • Springfield Regional Arts Council
  • The Galloway Neighborhood Trash Clean Up
  • ...and more to come!

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