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We recently received the honor of being named a finalist for the Small Business of the Year award via The Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce. During the announcement of the finalists, I participated in a panel and was asked one question that stood out: "What advice would you give yourself if you were starting your business today?"

After mentally shuffling through the countless lessons we’ve learned at Mostly Serious—things like the importance of difficult conversations, how to grow as individuals and a team, and when to simply cut your losses and invest in a reliable coffee pot—I came back to the same driving principles our entire team has returned to so many times: Our core values.

I’ve written about our core values in the past. Our six values guide every decision we make at Mostly Serious. When we’re stuck, they provide traction. When we look for new people to join our team, we look for them within each candidate. And when times get tough, our values guide our path forward.

There is no single piece of advice we would offer Mostly Serious nine years ago than to work hard to define and continually refine the company’s core values.

Below we provide a high-level introduction to each of our core values:


We welcome our responsibility to make the world a little better—through our work, through our community building, and by demonstrating a company culture in which people feel accepted, appreciated, and respected.


We believe all our individuals can instigate change. That accountability means supporting one another by embracing ownership in all we do. Rather than controlling a project, ownership requires contributing valuable, honest insights and performing our project roles effectively.


We're committed to leading clients to the right solutions that center on appropriate research, honest conversations, innovative thinking, and high quality work.


We believe real collaboration yields excellent results. We reach our shared goals—both professional and personal—by forging deep bonds with people who want to grow together for years to come.


We recognize the value in honoring our word. That means when problems arise, when deadlines loom, we show the dedication it takes to get shit done—the right way.


We possess the fortitude and strength of character to overcome adversity and excel, especially during stressful, make-or-break moments—for our company, our clients, and our community.

Over the next few weeks, we'll be highlighting each of our six core values. Interested in following along? Follow us on Facebook for updates.

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