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Our collaborative spirit is the key to helping our clients grow with brand identity and development, logo design, and strategy.

As we've grown as a digital branding agency, we’ve helped established companies reclaim their identities and form messaging that sets them apart from their peers. We’ve worked alongside organizations to create logos that make good on their future-forward missions. We’ve created attention-grabbing brand names and personalities for innovative, gotta-have-it products.

And we haven’t done it alone. Our team collaborates alongside our clients to find ways to maximize the impact of their brands for the long haul.

Logo Design & Redesign

Brand Identity Development

Competitive Audits

Peer Study & Analysis

Brand Collateral & Campaigns

Brand Evolution Plans

Brand Identity Development — Logo Design, Collateral, and Strategy

Our brand identity development and strategy makes your brand more competitive and gives it a sense of familiarity audiences need.

When we started working with Burrell Behavioral Health in 2017, it was an established organization with a brand image that fell short of reflecting its mission to make mental health care in Missouri more accessible and break down damaging perceptions about seeking care. We collaborated alongside the Burrell team to understand the compassion and progressiveness driving their future goals and responded by creating a refreshed brand look that supported its transition from its past self to a future-oriented, highly accessible entity for people from all walks of life.

The updated brand and associated collateral now portrays openness and approachability and complements the Burrell mission. We even invoked a little playfulness into the logo with subtle chat bubbles, which are a nod to Burrell's new tagline, "Time to Chat."

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Mostly Serious helped us develop a brand identity that reflects our goal of being a leading conversation-starter about mental health stigma. It supports our vision for the future.

Matt Lemmon

Brand Positioning

Mostly Serious is a digital branding agency that puts brand positioning and the establishing of a strong brand identity before everything else.

We’ve got a thing for figuring out what values and differentiators makes your brand truly great.

To help the brands we work with find the right ways to showcase themselves, we dive into collaborative sessions that answer questions about what your brand should look and sound like. We get deep into voice and tone explorations, brand differentiator development, mood boards, and other creative services that help us get to the root of your brand's true identity.

When we started working with The Carpet Shoppe in 2017, our research and brand positioning phases helped us understand that the flooring company's decades-long commitment to expertise, service, product quality, and locality were way more important to audiences than the vanilla experience big box stores had to offer. Instead of attempting to reinvent The Carpet Shoppe’s brand and dilute its past, we leaned into what had made them so recognizable after so many years—a “heritage” feel, an iconic storefront, and an increasingly rare reputation for class and one-on-one care.

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Brand Collateral & Campaigns

Mostly Serious excels at producing digital branding collateral and campaigns for new and established brands.

Our brand collateral and campaigns help you be you—in all the right places.

Our team of designers, writers, and managers keep your established brand identity close by so that every message, color palette, and overall feeling we put into marketing campaigns and collateral gives your audience a sense of familiarity about your brand.

Ascend Dental Design, a Springfield, Mo.-based dental practice with a profound commitment to attentive, family-like care, asked us to help them make their digital brand stand out in a congested market that’s tough for dental patients to navigate. After taking the Ascend team through a clarifying brand positioning phase, we set out to build audience recall and open the door to consultations by presenting Ascend’s newly unified brand message on its website, on social media platforms, and in the community it faithfully serves.

Some of the Things We Make

This illustration conceptually shows logo design with a pencil and protractor.

Logo Design

Distinctive, functional, memorable, simple: we design logos from scratch or redesign existing logos that help your audiences remember your brand's message in more ways than one.

This illustration conceptually shows digital branding with photography.

Brand Photography

Our on-site photography sessions capture your team members, interiors, exteriors, products, and services in crisp, high-resolution images that can be used for any purpose imaginable.

This illustration conceptually shows digital branding guidelines.

Brand Guidelines

Our Brand Guidelines are valuable documents that help businesses and organizations with multiple content producers stay aligned on logo usage, fonts, tone and voice, messaging pillars, and other marketing guidelines.

This illustration conceptually shows branding collateral.

Brochures & Collateral

Our brochures and collateral makes sure your business cards, office signage, letterhead, leave-behinds, and other marketing materials communicate your most important messages and align with your brand's look and feel.

This illustration conceptually shows brand identity voice and vision development.

Voice & Vision Development

We help brands old and new refine their characteristics and personality, establish key messages based on what makes them truly different, and set their sights on a goal-oriented vision.

Our Process

We Ask “Why?”

We're fearless learners with an insatiable curiosity about finding the best possible way to make great things.

We Put Strategy First

We're fact-finders and truth-bringers. We one-up challenges with strategies steeled by good, strong rationale and bold creative.

We Build it Right

Our talented team researches, designs, writes, codes, hashes it out, asks tough questions—without a single corner cut.

Let's get to work.