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Why partner with Mostly Serious? Our clients will tell you.

A thumbnail of a survey given to clients of Mostly Serious, a full-service digital agency.

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We value our clients, so much so that we’ve built our business knowing that our client’s success leads to our own success. We’re not a one-and-done template assembly line. We’ve heard too many horror stories to take our clients down that path.

Instead, we’re the agency those companies graduate to. When they need to take a leap in their marketing efforts and get a fresh dose of data, strategy, and award-winning work. Those are the client we attract, keep, and grow.

Below you will find a collection of responses from those clients. Every single active client, from the brand new to those that started with us over seven years ago.

Why do our clients continue to work with us?

  • 100% High quality work
  • 100% Return on investment
  • 75% Innovative ideas that enhance marketing efforts
  • 75% Valuable services

"We demanded the best for CoxHealth. We sought a digital partner that was youthful, edgy, and innovative, yet trustworthy and highly professional. We considered companies from across the US, and with Mostly Serious, we found the very best digital partner in our own backyard."

Steve Edwards
Steve Edwards , President & CEO of CoxHealth

"We thought we'd have to go outside the Midwest for a site that reflects our craftsmanship, but with Mostly Serious, we found the quality of the coasts right in our backyard."

Randy Colwell
Randy Colwell , Director of Marketing & Sales

How happy are you with the return on investment from Mostly Serious?

100% Happy or Very Happy

0% Neutral

0% Unhappy

How long until your work with Mostly Serious improved your results?

80% 6 months

20% 1 Year

0% More Than 1 Year

"Mostly Serious was crucial in helping us understand our digital audience and what they want from us."

Logan Aguirre
Logan Aguirre , President & Associate Publisher at Whitaker Publishing/417 Magazine

“We wouldn't have wanted to work on this project with anyone else. They are all incredible at what they do!”

Barbie Langston
Barbie Langston , Corporate Marketing Manager of The Larson Group

How long have you worked with Mostly Serious?

  • 30% 3 or More Years
  • 60% 2 Years
  • 20% 1 Year

Are relationships a driving factor in why you continue working with Mostly Serious?

100% Yes

0% No

0% Didn't Answer

Are services offered a driving factor in why you continue working with Mostly Serious?

100% Yes

0% No

0% Didn't Answer

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