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SEO & Writing

Our writing and website SEO services work together or stand alone to put you on your customers' radar—and guide them to the next great step.

Over the years, our SEO and writing strategies have helped an iconic local company gain more online visibility than competitors in a tight market. They’ve produced organic search traffic that consistently generates 85% of an ecommerce client’s online revenue. They’ve helped a regional client in the transportation industry overtake more established nationwide competitors.

No matter who we work with, our approach to SEO and writing gives our clients better business because we never stop thinking about how good rankings and great content can win new customers. (And we have to admit that being able to prove the results gives us the tiniest thrill.)

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Website Writing & Copywriting

Website Writing

Mostly Serious is an SEO agency specializing in writing and website SEO services.

Our website writing informs, persuades, reminds, and delights your audience.

The task of website writing inevitably ends up being a burden to most of our clients who already balance a heavy workload. In fact, it usually ends up being the most common reason for timeline delays (seriously, the average delay is around four months) that can bring a great launch on the horizon to a screeching halt. But it doesn't have to be that way. Our team of experienced, strategy-driven writers are happy to give you the break you deserve and take the reins with a profound devotion to making your website's copy perfect. Our headlines, actionable CTAs, and just-right supporting copy matches your tone and voice to a tee, communicates who you are and what you do, and hits all the right features and benefits to guide soon-to-be customers through your site and onward to solid leads and sales. You're more than qualified to write your website's copy—but we're more than delighted to. And it makes a difference.

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Our SEO Agency Approach

Mostly Serious has measurable experience in website SEO services that get results.

SEO doesn't have to be revolutionary to work—it just needs to give your audience the content it wants. And that's exactly what we do.

We haven't gotten our SEO clients where they are in their rankings because of any shortcuts, shady tactics, or algorithm-dodging techniques. (We'll pass.) Instead, our Google-certified SEO experts rely on straightforward, customer-minded intuition to research keywords, optimize your website, and produce ongoing content that build your Google rankings and give your site visitors exactly what they need to know to take the next step—whether that's an online purchase, a form submission, or an in-store visit. It's this kind of artfully simplistic thinking that drives up our clients' good standing with Google, nudges competitors out of the spotlight, and crushes revenue goals. (And it's not a bad way to show ROI either.)

Our SEO Success At Work: The Larson Group

We've been building The Larson Group's SEO presence since 2015.

Our ongoing website SEO services have helped The Larson Group, a Springfield, Mo.-based Peterbilt dealership company, evolve into a company with powerful brand recognition marked by quality, responsiveness, and innovative service offerings. TLG holds #1 rankings for highly competitive, highly relevant keywords garnering thousands of monthly searches over more established peers. And since January 2018, TLG has had 102 tracked key words move into the #1 to #3 range and 94 move into the #4 to #10 range. The Larson Group's steadily snowballing rankings and traffic have played a critical role in building brand awareness that has helped the company grow its locations, service offerings, and customer reach at a rapid pace.

Mostly Serious has taken our digital presence to an entirely new level. Thanks to their creative and knowledgeable team, The Larson Group brand has flourished since partnering with them in 2015. Our quality web traffic has more than doubled, we feel confident about standing out in such a competitive industry, and we’ve received countless accolades for how easy we make it for our customers to explore our products and services.

Steph London—Cowdrey, Marketing Manager for The Larson Group

Some of the Things We Make

SEO Campaigns

We cultivate snowballing authority and rankings for our SEO clients over time by serving up perfect web pages, establishing high-quality link partnerships, and producing helpful, informative content that benefits your key audience.

Web Writing & Copywriting

Our team of writers delightedly shoulder the task of producing writing for your website that calls back to our research findings, your brand's tone and voice, and your creative buy-in from kickoff collaborative sessions.

SEO Reports

We love having face-to-face meetings with our SEO clients so we can showcase how improving rankings are translating into real online conversions, sales, or foot traffic—and make them SEO experts in their own right.

Press Releases & Digital Collateral

SEO needs constant support to be successful. We brainstorm and produce blog articles, press releases, resources, and other digital collateral that guides new customers to your site and connects your brand with like-minded online communities.

Social Media Content

Communicating what your audiences need to know right off the bat on social media is critical for engagement. Our social media copywriting does exactly that in support of social media campaigns or ongoing efforts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms.

Our Process

We Ask “Why?”

We're fearless learners with an insatiable curiosity about finding the best possible way to make great things.

We Put Strategy First

We're fact-finders and truth-bringers. We one-up challenges with strategies steeled by good, strong rationale and bold creative.

We Build it Right

Our talented team researches, designs, writes, codes, hashes it out, asks tough questions—without a single corner cut.

Let's get to work.