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Dustin’s engineering skills and business acumen make him uniquely ready to solve clients’ problems.

A Little More About Dustin

At Mostly Serious, Dustin's experience as an engineer in demanding roles makes him uniquely able to pivot on the fly and build coded works of art quickly and efficiently.

Although he studied Business Administration locally after graduating high school, Dustin soon learned he had a passion for web development. His pursuit to learn more took him West to Arizona State University, where he undoubtedly adapted to the dry heat and ultimately graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science.

Post-graduation, his first engineering job introduced him to massive projects with agencies like the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). (Why, yes, we are name-dropping.) Dustin's immersion in the high-stakes, ever-changing world of government taught him to adapt and learn quickly as an engineer.

In his free time, Dustin likes to hang out with his wife, Charissa, and their German Shepherd, Onyx.

If you're car shopping, you're in luck: Dustin is a Subaru Ambassador and loves getting the opportunity to meet and interact with people who would make great Subaru owners themselves. And like a typical Subaru owner, Dustin is passionate about Earth-friendly activities like kayaking and rock climbing.

Dustin as a tiny human with a broken arm holding a very large snake

Dustin and his lovely wife

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