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Jessica's efficient, detail-oriented energy drives her talent for creating stunning designs from every angle.

A Little More About Jessica

At Mostly Serious, Jessica creates striking digital and print designs for our client partners with a quick, efficient energy that still manages to take every small detail into account. Her ability to produce stunning work without missing a beat makes her the perfect addition to a team deeply ingrained in smart, strategy-driven work.

Though Jessica earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, she discovered her true passion lay in design when she took a community college class on the subject just for fun. Though that class changed the trajectory of her career, her English degree has made her an incredibly skilled proofreader with an eye for all-encompassing precision.

Prior to joining the Mostly Serious team, Jessica gathered four years' worth of valuable experience as an Art Director at a local marketing agency, where she developed a complimentary proficiency in project management. She also worked at a small marketing agency in her hometown of Springfield, Il. for a few years (though the jury is still out on which Springfield she prefers).

"One of my biggest driving forces is a thirst for knowledge and I'm always trying to learn new things to better myself as a designer," she says. "I think it's one of the most important qualities a designer can have because design is always changing."

When she's not busy producing stellar things for Mostly Serious, Jessica loves to immerse herself in some of her other design-centric hobbies, like photoshopping people's heads onto other people's bodies. She also likes to spend her free time hanging out with her cat, hitting the antique store circuit, and being a "cool" aunt to her niece, Ava, and nephew, Jack. And if you think you've got a lock on movie references and popular culture, you've found a challenger in Jessica—she's a trivia-crushing expert in both categories.

A baby Jessica stares into the camera with long eyelashes.

Jessica smiles with her friends.

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