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To the delight of our clients, Jessica wields stunning UX and UI and memorable brand identity.

A Little More About Jessica

At Mostly Serious, Jessica gracefully balances her rare dual talent for creative ability and project management. Her process-driven ability to execute memorable visuals with practical layouts contributes wonderfully to our house preference for clean, functional, beautiful design. Bonus: she’s a stellar photographer—our staff portraits are just one example of her aptitude behind the lens.

Before Jessica joined Mostly Serious and earned her spot as Director of Design, she worked as an agency art director for national accounts with products you can find on any grocery store shelf—Bush’s Baked Beans, French’s Food Company and Starbucks, just to name-drop a few. In the past, she’s been the commander in chief for a variety of other visionary roles, from managing photo spreads on award-winning publications to helping local organizations find their creative footing.

If you’ve heard of Springfield Creatives, you probably have Jessica to thank for that—she’s active in the up-and-coming organization as a committee chair and member, and has made it a priority to help students and creative newcomers find a home in the Springfield creative community.

In her free time, Jessica loves to refine her yoga practice, head out to brunch strictly for the benefit of mimosas, work on house projects, and rewatch the same four seasons of “The Office” over and over. She also enjoys spending time with her husband, Chad; their three dogs, Emmy, Pixel, and Goose; and their son, Arlo, who boasts fiery red hair and a temperament to match.

Jessica beams as she holds her fiery red-haired baby son, Arlo.

Jessica smiles and poses on a deep-sea fishing boat.

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