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Molly anchors creative campaigns with smart branding messages and lead-generating copy.

A Little More About Molly

Molly's skills include intimate knowledge of communication and brand strategy, a strong grasp on effective social media moves, demo-based user research, and an innate feel for how to connect with any audience. This unique combination of skills leads to an inviting, approachable style that makes Molly's writing a joy to read, whether it's SEO-centric website copy, blog articles, Company News releases, or campaign ads.

Molly began handling content strategy professionally while burning the midnight oil at a startup agency and later served as a rep for, where she drove awareness of the service and helped Springfield businesses get established in the community. As our resident Lord of the Rings obsessor, Molly can also offer clients the unique chance to build content strategy campaigns in Elvish if they prefer.

When she isn't in the office or working at home next to her wily tabby cat, Milo, Molly likes to read, garden, cook, and pursue all things mid century modern, an era of design she's hopelessly obsessed with. She's also an accomplished pet sitter and has built a side business of loving other folks' fur babies as if they were her own. 

Thanks to Molly's finesse with data reporting and analysis, Mostly Serious is now a Google Analytics Certified Partner.

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