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Molly wields strategy-driven content and savvy SEO to help our clients' digital presences flourish.

A Little More About Molly

Molly's knack for understanding how to connect and communicate with our clients' audiences—no matter how mysterious or niche they may seem—has fueled her expertise as our Director of Content Strategy. Even when it's molded to take on our clients' own voice, Molly's inviting, approachable writing style is a joy to read and clicks for readers in all the right places—whether it's SEO-laden website copy, enticing CTAs, or infinite other pieces of strategy-first content she's produced for our clients in a myriad of industries.

A lifelong reader and writer, Molly began blogging professionally before graduating magna cum laude from Drury University. Post-graduation, she learned the craft of content-driven SEO, burned the midnight oil at a startup agency, and served as a rep for, where she drove awareness of the service and helped Springfield businesses get established in the community. Nowadays, as our resident "Lord of the Rings" obsessor, Molly can offer our clients the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build content campaigns in Elvish if they prefer. (Assuming the audience in question is fluent, of course.)

When she isn't in the office or plugging away at home next to her tabby cat, Milo, Molly likes to garden, cook, and pursue all things mid century modern, an era of design she's hopelessly obsessed with. She also enjoys protecting her title as the office's fastest two-fingered typer (you have to see it to believe it) and baking coconut chocolate chip cookies for the team.

Molly Riddle-Nunn beams with her husband, Jason, on their wedding day.

A toddler version of Molly flashes the peace sign while being hugged by her grandpa, Howard.

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