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Noah's thoughtful brand designs are rooted in strategy. (The best way to grow a logo.)

A Little More About Noah

While Noah Kinney is a recent college graduate, he’s no stranger to the day-to-day workings of an agency. A 2020 graduate of the University of Central Missouri Art & Design program with a BFA in Graphic Design, Noah completed a design internship at Barkley in Kansas City. There he worked on projects for brands like Dairy Queen and Terminix. (Not at the same time, though we do want to keep ants away from our ice cream, generally.)

As a designer at Mostly Serious, he brings a volume and variety of cool hats and cute pupper sightings to our Zoom calls, along with an enthusiasm to learn and contribute from day one. That goes for his free time, too: Noah is a member of the Kansas City AIGA and the AIGA mentorship program.

When he’s not designing or thinking about designing, you can find him enjoying some quality time at the dog park near his home in St. Louis, walking around the farmers market, or hiking and exploring the great outdoors.

Noah Kinney eats a turkey leg at a carnival.

A baby Noah Kinney grins at the camera in a funny way.

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