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Sav has experience as an adaptable engineer for brands and organizations of all kinds.

A Little More About Sav

Sav's unique experience engineering for brands big and small, local and national, and non-profit and retail allows them to be a lightning-fast force in their role as an engineer at Mostly Serious.

Sav is a high school graduate of Camdenton High School, home of the Lakers (but don't ask them what a Laker is—nobody really knows). After high school, Sav attended Drury University and graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Computer Information Systems.

Post-graduation, Sav kickstarted their career in engineering as an intern at an auto-garage-turned-agency that served local, regional, and national organizations and brands ranging from Convoy of Hope to Wingstop to a "certain yellow airline." As an engineer serving the needs of airplane wings and chicken wings alike, Sav learned how to shift gears quickly and effectively in a demanding, fast-paced, environment.

For their next professional role, Sav headed north to an agency headquartered in the Kansas City Startup Village, where they specialized in coding for publications and local companies.

Sav keeps busy in their free time by serving as a non-skating roller derby official in tournaments across the Midwest. They're also a self-confessed player of a lot of Dungeons and Dragons. When they take a rare break from skating- and tabletop-based games, Sav enjoys cooking, reading, and listening to pop music and dad rock.

Sav poses with their roller derby team.

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