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Yirang strengthens our behind-the-scenes work as an efficient, versatile engineer.

A Little More About Yirang

Yirang's career as a Mostly Serious engineer isn't her first. For years she made a name for herself as a professional photographer in the Seattle area's fashion/entertainment industry and was able to grow her network quickly because, as a rare female photographer, models felt comfortable working with her. Yirang was able to thrive—and see her work published in major publications!—despite what she describes as a very toxic industry for women (photographers and models alike).

When it was time for a change, Yirang moved with her family from the West Coast to the east (she currently resides just outside Washington, D.C.). She went back to school to pursue a degree in nursing, but when she took a Java class in college, her childhood fascination with computers came flooding back—and the rest, as they say, is history.

Now, Yirang is putting her study in Web Development to great use and strengthening our behind-the-scenes work as an efficient, versatile engineer. And as for what's next, she plans to get a degree in mathematics to supplement her problem-solving skills.

When Yirang's not coding up something great for our clients, she spends her time reading historical fiction and biographies, binging Netflix, and making memories with her husband and three kids. And yes, she definitely still takes photos!

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