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Revisiting our 2020 and 2021 Year in Review posts when preparing to write this was a striking reminder of how much stuff we all just lived through. As 2022 slowly transitioned into a more normal and less pandemic-focused time, we embraced some of the changes these unprecedented times brought (flexible work locations like Chicagoland or the Coffee Ethic) and joyfully returned to the things we missed during those years of quarantines and social distancing (team lunches and volunteer outings).

Emerging into a new version of the world felt like a fresh start for many of us. We saw some beloved team members move on to new adventures and welcomed incredible new teammates to round out our crew. We found ourselves making more room for things that bring us joy like concerts, travel to far flung locales, and sports tournaments all over the Midwest. We started working with some smart new clients while continuing to grow with those who have been with us for a while. We even started talking about another big office move next year.

This look back at 2022 reflects some of this shiny and new but also holds tight to our core values that have stayed consistent through it all. Take a walk with us down memory lane.

Headshot of Alex
Headshot of Ryan
Headshot of Meg
Headshot of Sarah
Headshot of Emily
Headshot of Matt

Fresh Faces

We had some new team members join Mostly Serious this year and even added a whole new department.

Our creative team expanded and evolved this year with three brilliant and artistic minds:

We hired Sarah Nenninger, our first ever Director of Engagement, to expand our strategic marketing capabilities with new department focused on just that.

Our Client Strategy team is now 75% Emilys and 100% amazing with the addition of Account Manager Emily Doll.

We’ve also added numbers guru and pickle ball aficionado Matt Battaglia as our Controller.

These smart, fun, creative folks have jumped right in without missing a beat and we’re so excited to have them on board.

Some Great Work

We had the privilege of collaborating with some really wonderful clients (both old and new!) this year on work we’re really proud of. Here are some of our favorite projects.

Image of SMC website
Image of OMB Bank's homepage
Images of Ultimed web pages in diagonal lines
Images of Springfield Community Garden's website
Image of Habitat homepage and mobile view

Things that got us talking

Some v. important questions like

  • What crayon color would you eat?
  • Is honey considered a condiment?

Life happenings

  • Welcoming a new baby Dunn!
  • Spencer got to sell the same house twice
  • Keeping up with our favorite soccer teams (Go Team USA and Purple Pandas!)
  • Team bonding over karaoke at Baby Fingers (also known as Stepchild Lounge)

Movies, shows, and music

  • Severance
  • House of the Dragon
  • Nope
  • Thor: Love and Thunder
  • Stranger Things: Volume 4
  • Everything Everywhere All At Once
  • Taylor Swift
  • Lizzo
  • Carly Rae Jepsen

Other Cool Things

Tell us about your project.