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We custom-designed and animated a powerhouse site for ACES, one of the most reputable sports agents in the world.


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One day in the summer of 2017, we got a call from Brooklyn.

The woman on the other line was the marketing director for a sports agency in need of a new website. She’d seen another one of our award-winning sites (Mother’s Brewing Co.) on an online gallery and wanted to know if we could bring that relaxed, authentic vibe to their online presence.

Brooklyn? Awesome. Sports agency? Even more awesome. We started asking questions to learn more about the organization and its needs.

Then things took a turn—these weren’t just sports agents. This was ACES Baseball, Inc., an agency that Forbes ranked as the second most powerful agents in baseball, and the fourth most powerful agents in all of sports. And they wanted to meet us in Brooklyn in 10 days to meet, pitch, and get to work.

So we flew to Brooklyn.

Our inspiration for ACES' site design came from the owners' love of their hometown in Brooklyn. Every hand-drawn illustration and scroll-triggered motion is a tribute to ACES' history, reputation, and passion for the players it represents.

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The Challenge: New Players, New Technology, and a Traditional Industry

The partners at ACES Baseball, Inc. are some of the hardest working people in sports. Their client roster is a 'who's who of Gold Glove winners and World Series champions, and they've managed some of the biggest stars in baseball. But they didn't get to that point with a fancy website or following the latest digital trends. They got there by building relationships, developing a reputation as best-in-class negotiators, and outworking their peers.

But over the past few years, they noticed their initial interactions with prospects had changed. Where once a recommendation from a fellow player or merely their reputation was enough to land a conversation, more and more prospects were expecting the company to have a website where they could go to learn more about the ACES brand and services.

The challenge, then, was to design a site that would satisfy the expectations of younger, tech-savvy 'prospects' while simultaneously capturing the essence of ACES: a grit-powered sports agency that values real relationships and is rooted in tradition.

"We're From Brooklyn."

That’s what we heard in our pitch meetings and discovery meetings with ACES. That’s what we heard when we asked about their brand, their attitude, and their image. “We’re from Brooklyn.” And that said it all. For ACES Baseball, Inc, Brooklyn isn’t just borough, it’s an identity. So we started with Brooklyn.

Show Me the Money — Sort Of

The team at ACES wanted to show off the company’s success, but showcasing specific contract details was off the table. Sure, some of the biggest contracts they’ve secured are plastered all over ESPN and sports media, but most terms are kept between the players, teams, and agents. Accordingly, we layered in different methods of showcasing the company’s clout, including images of some of their most popular players and eye-popping aggregate statistics about the contracts they’ve negotiated.

We brought in quotes from some of baseball’s most notable voices that described the agency’s hustle and no-nonsense approach. Then, to round home plate (get it?), we added intuitive, engaging motion elements to provide users with a browsing experience that matches the utter awesomeness of working with the ACES team.

Now, prospective players looking to learn more about one of the most incredible agencies in baseball can browse one of the industry’s most stunning digital properties.

The result was—wait for it—home run. Seriously. The ACES Baseball, Inc. site won a Judges Choice Award at the 2019 Regional Addy Awards for “Overall Design.”

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