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Since 2013, we've been helping CoxHealth bring crucial health information to communities across the Southwest Mo. region.

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Our recently unveiled redesign for, an intuitive site spanning more than 600 informational pages, is the result of a years-long partnership between the five-hospital health system and Mostly Serious. Reimagining CoxHealth's dated site with an unparalleled search tool for visitors and a design that accommodated a vast hierarchy of pages came with a unique set of engineering hurdles that we embraced and overcame for an end result that has earned much praise from the CoxHealth community. What's more, our choice of CMS for CoxHealth, Wagtail, delivered the new luxury of super-simple page editing and event additions to Cox’s marketing team.

Visit the CoxHealth and see first-hand how our collaborative partnership helped craft an easy-to-navigate site that informs hundreds of thousands of citizens in Southwest Missouri.

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From Clutter and Chaos to Easy-to-Find Information

Based on our initial project research, we knew that executing a successful and memorable interface design would revolve around the immediate presentation of the site’s most-used features along with a fluid search tool that could whisk users away to specific information available on the site. From paying a bill to reading up on the details of an upcoming cancer seminar to finding out how The Meyer Center’s hours of operation fit in with their busy schedules, the site now lets visitors from all walks of life retrieve exactly what they need with no time or patience lost.

Our Goal: Seamlessly Overhaul the Site

CoxHealth’s former website design had endured more than a decade online before we initiated a complete overhaul. Ten plus years is an eon in Internet time, but despite the site’s dated design, CoxHealth’s vast network of patients and employees still needed to use it and add to it daily. So in addition to crafting a modern and newly responsive design experience, our work was cut out for us to efficiently transfer an immense collection of site content and establish an intricate marriage of various software pieces in order to keep the site and its stack of features running 24/7 on the back end as well as the front. Without disruption or painful downtime, the final mission was to effectively flip a switch and bring the new site into the light. Mission accomplished.

"We demanded the best for CoxHealth. We sought a digital partner that was youthful, edgy, and innovative, yet trustworthy and highly professional. We considered companies from across the US, and with Mostly Serious, we found the very best digital partner in our own backyard."

Steve Edwards
Steve Edwards , President & CEO of CoxHealth

Our Strategy: Collaborate for Smooth, Systematic Implementation

The Mostly Serious process counts on our various departments to regularly problem-solve as project hurdles pop up—be it a complicated engineering issue or recognizing and adapting to needs the client hadn’t initially considered. For us, this means thinking, thinking, thinking before selecting the best course of action; often, that problem-solving involved brainstorming directly with the client to fully understand the current and future needs for any given feature. Thus, we saw many instances of our collaborative partnership with CoxHealth pay off, whether the task was to consider best user options for a particular navigational structure or to discuss replacements for a software integration that was just too dated. We value and view all our projects as partnerships in the true sense of the word, and this particular project was an especially satisfying collaborative effort at many points in the process.

Our Execution: A Robust CMS and Path-Driven Design

Our renewal for the CoxHealth site involved deep consideration of how best to structure the site’s vast hierarchy of pages in the content management system (CMS). The existing CMS was clunky at best and required the CoxHealth team to dive headfirst into HTML to make updates at worst, so we set out to build a CMS from scratch that would be both fluid and expansive enough to make any client-side guesswork a thing of the past. Backed by the Django web framework, our highly customizable CMS of choice, Wagtail, proved to be utterly painless for the client to get familiar with. In practice, event additions and content updates of any size and scale are now a cinch, which benefits the CoxHealth community in that people can see timely calendar items and up-to-date info whenever they visit the site.

Our strategy to marry the new design with CoxHealth’s vast empire of content meant establishing several different navigational constructs that would still become quickly recognizable as such to the user. To illustrate this point, envision each branch of CoxHealth’s topical categories as a staircase. From the top of a category’s staircase, we wanted a visitor to be able to simply walk down, step by step, to reach the most specific page of that category and get the information they need. If Neuroscience was the starting point, we needed to ensure visitors could find their way to Spine Disorders without first traveling to other, unrelated sections of the site, lest they get lost or lose patience and delay getting the care they deserve. We also didn’t want the path to be hidden or the slightest bit difficult to spot.

Finally, we had to achieve our path-driven design in such a way that no matter the device a visitor uses to access the site, they have the same seamless experience. This manner of design—responsive design—is a standard for every project we launch, but responsive design wasn’t a feature of the former CoxHealth site and thus would be a welcome change for the health network’s community. As always, we wanted go beyond the opportunity for improvement and establish excellence.

Before we bring this case study to a close, we’d like to extend a special thank you to all our wonderful contacts at CoxHealth for an unparalleled partnership experience. Bringing the new CoxHealth site to our community was an honor and a joy.


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