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We built a vibrant and interactive website for Mother’s Brewing Co. that does right by its quick-witted, fun-as-hell personality.


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Blood, Sweat and Tears (and Beer)

Mother's Brewing Company, equal parts craft brewery and household name in the Springfield, Mo. community, was ready to invest in a digital property that could live up to its booming brand reputation. We knew we were the ones for the task, not only because we've got the creative and engineering chops to deliver a lofty vision, but because we know the Mother's brand like the back of our hands. We've tried just about every beer release since the company's establishment in 2011; we've gone to every Oktoberfest; our friends, brothers and significant others have made the beer itself. To put it simply, a partnership between Mostly Serious and Mother's was a labor of love—and both sides are pretty damn fond of the result.

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To see the vibrant Mother's brand shine in all its hoppy, yeasty glory, check out the Mother's Brewing Co. site for yourself.

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Before we got cracking on the design and build of the new site, though, the Mother's team came to us with the goods ("goods" being crazy insightful market research—not beer). The Mother's crew was already working overtime to commit to learning who its audience segments were as well as what their expectations were from Mother's. The "Aha" moments and strategic collaborations that followed were the yellow brick road we needed in order to track down a vision—and measurable goals—for a digital property that would be the megaphone for a newly minted Mother's brand.

Goal 1: Bring the Best of Mother's Online

A non-negotiable objective of the new site was to craft a design and slew of interactive features that could represent the best and weirdest aspects of the Mother's brand without breaking the bank—or cutting corners. By putting an emphasis on pre-built integrations over reinventing the wheel, we were able to give the Mother's team the best of both worlds along with a CMS that's simple to navigate and expandable for future feature additions.

Goal 2: Introduce a Marketing Hub for the Mother's Tribe

By no means an industry standard, the Mother's marketing crew also wanted to bring to life a vision of a site feature that would allow the company's many distributors to quickly snag downloads or make requests for whatever marketing materials they needed, from beer posters to promotional banners.

We were able to accomplish that by way of a distributors' portal that's accessible by a standard login system. Once inside, distributor reps can request Mother's marketing materials via a custom product display, much like a standard ecommerce process. The feature itself may be a simple one, but its ease of use and access gives the Mother's marketing team more time for creative pursuits, like this incredible blog post, "In Defense of the Morning Drunk."

Mother's Brewing Company website design and development by Mostly Serious.

Not only was the collaborative effort a great experience, but we’re incredibly pleased with the finished product because it truly encapsulates our brand and the type of presence we want to have in the local and Midwest beer community.

 Josh Sullivan, Director of Marketing at Mother's Brewing Co.
Josh Sullivan, Director of Marketing at Mother's Brewing Co.

Goal 3: Provide the Channels for Community-Minded Content Curation

Our third and final goal for the new site was to give visitors multiple opportunities to engage with Mother's Brewing Company for what it really is at its core—a crew of wildly passionate and talented brewers, community advocates, and general lunatics (their words, not ours). Of course, this goal included a standard contact form, but we went one step further and integrated an additional interactive module that would allow visitors from near and far to request Mother's beer based on their zip code.

Just two months after the site launch, both the Mother's Request a Beer form and the standard contact form see a level of fan engagement the Mother's team wasn't able to enjoy with the site's predecessor. With a traffic increase of well over 100%, we wouldn't expect anything less.

And, true to Mother's spirit of inclusion, the site now offers callouts to Mother's upcoming backyard events and hysterical blog posts, each of which thunderously reinforces the love Mother's has for brewing great beer for a great city—and cities beyond. It's a goal without a cap as well as one we're keen to sit back and watch be reached tenfold in the years to come.


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